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The Rockats (neo-rockabilly legends)

The Rockats My first contact with the Rockats was not musical but visual. I clearly remember seeing the cover of “Live At the Ritz” in a French Rock magazine. I found it terribly cool and for the kid that I was, it looked like the incarnation of cool. The five guys pictured on the cover… Keep Reading


The Nitros (neo-rockabilly)

The Nitros Early Years The Nitros story begins in 1984 when Mark Swain (double bass) and his cousin Jon Attril (drums) recruit John O’Malley “I met the band when I answered an advert in Melody Maker. Mark & Jon had advertised for a Rockabilly guitarist so I went along to the audition. It was at… Keep Reading

swamp dogs

The Swamp Dogs (german psychobilly band)

The Swamp Dogs Member of various German rockabilly and rock’n’roll bands since 1982 as a drummer and singer, Roland Heinrich, aka The Lone Wolf learned to play the double bass in 1984 (one time members of the Percolators and Fall Out) . He formed the Swamp Dogs the following year with Doc Preatorious on guitar… Keep Reading


Scannerz (the)

The Scannerz Germany – Neo-rockabilly/psychobilly The Scannerz started in late 1985/ early 1986. Sebastian Glenz aka Semmel (guitar) met Uwe Klein through his older brother. Uwe had started to play doublebass and was looking for a guitar player to form a neo-rockabilly / psychobilly band. They were very young (Glenz was 16!) and that was… Keep Reading

Colton Turner

Last year, I stumbled upon a brand new artist who sang Rockabilly and hillbilly bop just the way I like it (understand: with a strong will to write melodies and a good dose of Buddy Holly in it). Once I received his debut album, it stayed in my player for weeks. That was exactly what… Keep Reading

The Memphis Rockabilly Band

Bill Coover and Jeff Spencer formed the Memphis Rockabilly Band in 1978. Though the band came from the Boston area, they chose this name to leave no doubt about the music they decided to play: Rockabilly with a Sun influence. In an interview given to us in 2007, Jeff Spencer recalled “I think the first… Keep Reading

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