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Zazou Cowboys (The )

The Zazou Cowboys – Song Folio [2012] Hot Wing Stomp – Do You Ever Think Of Me – Lonesome Flame – I Could Be Your Cowboy – I’m That Fool -Queensize Matrimony Blues – She Sets A Place For Two – Loud Mouth – Happy Trails – Rangin’ Bonus on CD:Daydream In F – Dedicated… Keep Reading

Headcoats Sect (thee)

Thee Headcoats Sect Deerstalking Men – DAMGOOD265CD Strychnine – My Dear Watson – Fog-Bound Pinhead – Troubled Times – Cowboys Are Square – Baby What’s Wrong – Why Don’t Toy Smile Now – The Witch – Squaresville – Lie Detector – Deerstalking Man – I’m A Gamekeeper Ready Sect Go!– DAMGOOD266CD Ain’t That Just Like… Keep Reading

the Flea Bops

The Flea Bops formed after the tragic death of Darren Lee Spears of Go Cat Go in which Lance LeBeau played drums. The band initially went under the name of the Twilite Ramblers but soon evolved into the Flea bops. The members are Ronnie Joyner (vocals, rhythm guitar), Preston Lebeau (electric guitar) Lance Lebeau (drums)… Keep Reading

Johnny Jano

  Johnny Jano – Rockin’ and Rollin’ (1956-1958) El Toro ETCD 1038 Havin’ A Whole Lot Of Fun / I’d Make A Good Man For You / Mabel’s Gone / Pledging My Love To My Darling / Rock My Baby / Oh Baby / High Voltage / Mabel’s Gone / Rock Me Baby / You’re… Keep Reading

Mac Curtis

Mac Curtis – the Rollin Rock Recordings 1 Part records Big D Women – Baby Let’s Play House – Heartbreakin’ Mama – Fannie Mae – Sidetrack Mama – Holdin’ On – Good Rockin’ Tonight – Amarillo Killer – Hot Rocks – Crazy Crazy Lovin’ – Wild Wild Women – You Hurt Me – Sexy Ways… Keep Reading

Al Ferrier

Al Ferrier – I’m the Man El Toro ETCD 1032 No No Baby / I’ll Never Do Any Wrong / My Baby Done Gone Away / It’s Too Late Now / I’m The Man / Hey! Baby / Let’s Go Bopping Tonight / What Is That Thing Called Love? / Kiss Me Baby / I… Keep Reading

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