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Rhythm Shakers (the)

The Rhythm Shakers – Flipsville


RhythmShakerfrontWild Records [2009]
No Time On You – Running Out Of Time – Wanted – But Still You Left Me – Flipsville – What You Do To Me – You Have It All – Tu No Me Quieres – My Sweet Revenge – Real Rockin’ Daddy – The Rockaround – Broken Heart.

The Rhythm Shakers are a bunch of well known faces for anyone who likes rockabilly (Omar Romero, Victor Mendez, Angel Hernandez), except for their charismatic lead singer, the young Marlene Perez. But don’t don’t be fooled by her angel face, this girl is WILD! And she has talent too for she wrote 8 of the 12 songs of the album.
With this tight rockin’ band to back her, she alternates hot and… hot. Hot with the screamin “No Time On You“, the Burnette tinged “But Still You Left Me” or “Real Rockin’ Daddy” and even hotter when she mellows her voice like on “Tu No Me Quieres” or “Broken Heart”. This song has often been covered but their version counts among the best ones.
A great slice of rock’n’roll (and beautiful too as it comes in a nicely designed gatefold sleeve) but not for the faint-hearted ones.
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Fred “Virgil” Turgis