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freddy frogs

Freddy Frogs

Freddy Frogs ‎– At My Front Door Nervous Records ‎– NERD 013 [1984]Cheap Thrills – Boppin ‘N’ Jivin – Roxy – Desperate … Keep Reading

sharks space race

Sharks (the)

 The Sharks ‎– Phantom Rockers Nervous records ‎– NERD 008 [1983] Moonstomp – Skeleton Rock – It’s All Over Now – Crazy … Keep Reading

Be-Bop's (the)

The Be-Bop’s ‎– Give Me Your Love Blackjack ‎– NR 4039 [1984]Give Me Your Love / When The Juke-Box Burns The Be-Bop’s … Keep Reading

stray cats

Stray Cats

Stray Cats – Stray Cats Arista [1981] Runaway boys – Fishnet stockings – Ubangi stomp – Jeanie jeanie jeanie – Storm the … Keep Reading


big joe turner

Big Joe Turner

Big Joe Turner – The Complete Boss Of The Blues Bear Family BCD17505 [2020]CD1Cherry Red (Stereo) – Roll ‘Em Pete (Stereo) – … Keep Reading



Ripsaw records

Jim Kirkhuff and Jonathan “the Spider” Strong formed Ripsaw in 1976.Their legacy may seem small in terms of releases (nine singles, two … Keep Reading

Sonovabitch records

Sonovabitch records was a subsidiary label of Count Orlock (based in Holland) exclusively dedicated to release Meteors and related stuff (they had … Keep Reading

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