Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Trio

Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Trio – Don’t Desert Me Dionysus Records – ID074524Don’t Desert Me / I’m gonna Leave Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Trio recorded this single in 1991, the year following the release of their first album and Bobby Trimble’s replacement


The Barnshakers

The Barnshakers ‎– Whiskey River / Hollow Grave  Goofin’ Records ‎– GRSI

Frantic Flintstones

Frantic Flintstones – Bedrock! Raucous Records RAUC002 [1987]Bedrock – Hot Head Baby

Victor Leed

Victor Leed – Thanks Rock’n’Roll Big Beat Records – BB805 [1980]But In

The Brits Are Rocking

The Brits Are Rocking Vol. 10Cliff Richard – Dynamite Bear Family BCD 17729Nine Times Out of Ten – Never Mind – My Feet Hit The Ground – Pointed Toe Shoes – Don’t Bug Me Baby – Blue Suede Shoes – Mumblin’ Mosie – I


Tommy Johnson

Tommy Johnson – 1928 – 1929 Document Records – DOCD-5001Cool drink of

Buck Owens

Buck Owens – The Many Sides Of Buck Owens Atomic ACCD 027Hot

Mac Curtis

Mac Curtis – Rocks Bear Family BCD 17719 [2023]Wake Up Rock’n Roll

B. Confidential and the Secret Four

B. Confidential and the Secret Four – Black Is The Colour Of My Baby’s Soul Martin’s Garage Records [2022]Black Is The Colour Of My Baby’s Soul/Satan Is Her Name B. Confidential and the Secret Four are from Croatia. The combo consists of Dalibor Pavicic


Headcoats (thee)

Headcoats (thee) – Headcoat Lane Damaged Goods – DamGood 7 [1992]Headcoat Lane

Guy Hamper Trio (the)

Guy Hamper Trio (the) – Polygraph Test Damaged Goods DAMGOOD339 [2009]Polygraph Test

Milkshakes (the)

The Milkshakes – It’s You Milkshakes Records – BILK-0 [1982]   It’s You


Kyra – Kyra sings Marieke Vinyl Japan – PAD 38 [1998]Marieke /

Ripsaw records

Jim Kirkhuff and Jonathan “the Spider” Strong formed Ripsaw in 1976.Their legacy may seem small in terms of releases (nine singles, two mini-albums and three lps) but it had a lasting influence on the Rock’n’roll scene.The catalog numbers run from 209 to 224. 209


Wormtone Records

Wormtone records was a Denver based label ran by Kurt Ohlen &

Alligator Records

Alligator Records (not to be confused with the blues label of the

Sonovabitch records

Sonovabitch records was a subsidiary label of Count Orlock (based in Holland)