Ria and the Hi-Binders

Ria and the Hi-Binders – Heart and Soul Moondog Music MOONCD2203 [2023]Heart and Soul – Give A Lonely Heart A Home –

Buddy Lee

Buddy Lee – Let’s Rock Tonight Self released [2023]Let’s Rock Tonight – Careful Baby – Digging A Hole To Bury My Heart

Meteors (the)

Meteors (the) – Psychobilly Revolution Raucous Records RAUC079 [1999]Intro – The Crazed – Hell Ain’t Hot Enough For Me – Deep Dark

Backseat Boogie (the)

The Backseat Boogie – Deal with the devil Rhythm Bomb Records [2022]Deal With The Devil – Burnout! – Evil Eye – Bad

Griswalds (the)

The Griswalds – Do The Hucklebuck Raucous Records – RAUC 005 [1988] Do the Hucklebuck – Cry Baby Blues – Robbie Robot –

James Intveld

James Intveld & The Honky Tonk Palomino’s – Never Gonna Let You Go Sleazy Records – SR208 [2020]Never Gonna Let You Go

Tiny Minds

Tiny Minds – s/t Kix 4 U Records – Kix 3357Trouble Bound – Tell Me – Don’t You Lie – Young And

Dolly Cooper

Dolly Cooper – Tell Me, Tell Me El Toro ET15039My Man – Ay La Bah / Tell Me, Tell Me – Big


The Jaguars

The Jaguars – Rock With the Jaguars Koko Mojo Records – KM-EP-113The Jaguars – Rock It Davy Rock It – The Jaguars


Ella Johnson

Ella Johnson – Bring It Home! El Toro ET15141What a Day! – No More Love / They Don’t Want me to Rock


Red Hot‘n’Blue

Red Hot’n’Blue The first half of the eighties was an exciting time for genuine Rock’n’Roll in Great Britain. Rockin’ music saw a

Shaun Young

To complete our High Noon article, here’s an overview of Shaun Young’s rich solo career (discography to come soon). Shaun Young’s first

Headcoats (thee)

Headcoats (thee) – Headcoat Lane Damaged Goods – DamGood 7 [1992]Headcoat Lane / Comanche Headcoat Lane is an atmospheric tune sounding a


Guy Hamper Trio (the)

Guy Hamper Trio (the) – Polygraph Test Damaged Goods DAMGOOD339 [2009]Polygraph Test / Sally Sensation The Guy Hamper trio was an instrumental


Milkshakes (the)

The Milkshakes – It’s You Milkshakes Records – BILK-0 [1982]   It’s You / Please Don’t Tell My Baby  Mickey Hampshire (guitar and


Ripsaw records

Jim Kirkhuff and Jonathan “the Spider” Strong formed Ripsaw in 1976.Their legacy may seem small in terms of releases (nine singles, two


Wormtone Records

Wormtone records was a Denver based label ran by Kurt Ohlen & Karen Brown who were also behind the Denver’s Rock N’


Alligator Records

Alligator Records (not to be confused with the blues label of the same name) was a British rockabilly label based in North


Sonovabitch records

Sonovabitch records was a subsidiary label of Count Orlock (based in Holland) exclusively dedicated to release Meteors and related stuff (they had