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Spo-Dee-O-Dee . The Many Sides Of

The Many Sides of Spo-Dee-O-Dee

Rhythm Bomb Records
Crazy For My Baby – Love Struck Baby – Don’t Go Pretty Baby – It Breaks My Heart – Why Did She Have to Go – I Wish You Would – Tell Me Who – Thunderbirds- Let Me In – Miss Blue Eyes – I Ain’t Got You – (i’m Gonna) Paint This Town – Pride and Joy – No More Crying the Blues – Such a Long Way

I must admit that I made a mistake and that I underestimated the “Spo-Dee-O-Dee”german band. Why? Sometimes it’s hard to explain. An average gig years ago, a not that convincing EP I bought once and you kinda “forget” a band and then one day you say to yourself ” What the hell is Spo-Dee-o-Dee doin’ today? Why had I lost them from my sight?” A new album was the perfect opportunity to study again the case. And then, it’s the smack! “Why were you so stupid?”. This “Many Sides Of” is quite simply impressing, mind-blowing, in a word : brilliant !
Since 1994 their line-up changed quite a bit and today it’s a brand new four musicians band where remain from the past Andy Warner and Ralf Sommer. (the two others are Ike Stoye from Ike and the Capers and Gregor Cast from Jesse Al Tuscan’s Lumberjacks).
For that album they are helped by other guys (piano, backing vocals, second lead guitar) cause that one is their most varied album to date. The name suits perfectly cause it’s just like a cruise through all the different fifties rockin’ musics : from the rockabilly of “Crazy For My Baby” (a composition perfect as a Johnny Carroll’s) and Alton and Jimmy’s “No More Cryin’ The Blues” and even an hidden bonus track (“Go Little Go Cat” much much wilder and primitive than the Four Teens original on Challenge) to white rockers as “Lovestruck Baby”, “Let Me In”, “Pain’t This Town” and the classic Danny Boy’s “Don’t Go Pretty Baby” with sax, piano and handclappins. You’ll also find some teenage sounding as “Why Did She Have To Go” (Rick Nelson could have sung that one) even italo doo-wop (“Such A Long Way” from Carlo and the Belmonts), Elvis style (“Tell Me Who” with a different take at the end which is for me twice better!), a strollin’ instrumental (“Thunderbird”), a Carl Mann’s Sun soundalike (“Miss Blue Eyes”) and some strong rockin’ blues (Billy Boy Arnold’s “ I Wish You Would”, Jimmy Reed’s “I Ain’t Got You” and Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride And Joy” yes you read it right!)
Guys, if one day you read that review would you please forgive me for not having trusted in you! I swear that from now I will listen to all your past and future albums. Cross my heart and hope to die!!
David “Long Tall” Phisel