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Cavan Grogan

An interview with Cavan Grogan

An interview with Cavan Grogan (Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers) Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers are the longest rockabilly band in activity with a line-up almost unchanged. They made the link between the pioneers of the 50’s and the rockabilly revival of the 80’s, and when bands were happy to play covers, they… Keep Reading

Pat Cupp

An interview with Pat Cupp This interview took place a couple of years ago and was first published on my other website. But considering that we’re called the Rockabilly Chronicle I couldn’t imagine not having someone like Pat Cupp, a real gentleman if there’s one, in it. By Fred “Virgil” Turgis From what I’ve read… Keep Reading

rockabilly mafia

Rockabilly Mafia

Rockabilly Mafia This interview was conducted a few years ago forthe 25th anniversary of the Rockabilly Mafia and was initially published on Jumpin’ from 6 to 6. It’s still relevant today so I decided to also put it on this website. If you don’t know the Rockabilly Mafia, their sound could be described as a… Keep Reading

Pat Capocci

Pat Capocci

Pat Capocci is nothing else than one of the best thing to happen to modern rockabilly in the recent years. “Modern” is probably not the right word to describe the sound of this rockin’ cat. He sounds as if he came right from the fifties wether he plays rockabilly, blues, hillbilly bop. And most of… Keep Reading

An interview with Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips was, with his first band the Blue Cats, among the first to play Rockabilly like it was played back in the fifties. After a while Dave Phillips and the Blue Cats parted ways. But it’s a rare case of a good thing to result from a split. Instead of having one great band,… Keep Reading

phil haley

Phil Haley & the Comments

How did you get into rockin music? Phil Haley: I started playing early sixties. My first playing job was supporting Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. I listened to the Shadows,Elvis, Eddie Cochran etc. I then played with sixties band Unit 4 +2 (of Concrete and the Clay fame – ed), various local bands and duo’s… Keep Reading

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