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Buzz Campbell

It all began with a borrowed guitar and a little band from Massapequa, New York. Buzz Campbell seemed to be leading a normal life. He was attending college, had a girlfriend; even played a little guitar in his spare time. On his 21st birthday, Buzz’s life would take a detour down a different road. “My… Keep Reading

Vinylux, Lance & Wendy LeBeau

Vinylux records, an interview with Wendy and Lance Lebeau Here’s an old interview conducted years ago with Lance and Wendy LeBeau, known for their work with Go Cat Go, Flea Bops, Wendy and Her Beaus and Vinylux, their excellent Rockabilly label. At first, could you introduce yourselves, where do you come from etc.? Lance: I’m… Keep Reading

Mark Winchester

Mark Winchester, slap bass Rockabilly hero

Mark Winchester He’s slapped his doghouse bass for Emmylou Harris’s Nash Ramblers. He performed with Sonny George and Eddie Angel in the rockabilly cult favorite group, the Planet Rockers. He’s penned songs for Randy Travis, was the longtime bassist for the Brian Setzer Orchestra, and was a member of Setzer’s ’68 Comeback Special trio. He’s… Keep Reading

sean mencher

Sean Mencher (High Noon)

An interview with Sean Mencher To celebrate the soon to be released High Noon’s collection on Bear Family titled Flatland Saturday Night (August 2015), I dug into my archives and found this 2006 interview with the band’s lead guitar player who also works as a producer (Two Timin’ Three, Jessie Lee Miler, The Starline Rhythm… Keep Reading

Marti Brom

Singin’ and Satan:  Marti Brom Gives the Devil’s Music a Heavenly Twist By Denise Daliege-Pierce “Satan,” Marti Brom quipped when asked why she had chosen to take her eclectic blend of rockabilly, rhythm and blues, swanky pop standards and anything in between to the stage. That one word response, derived from a 2011 interview conducted… Keep Reading

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