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Slim Jim Phantom

Slim Jim Phantom, the Rockabilly cat!

Slim Jim Phantom He’s banged the skins for rock ‘n’ roll supergroup, Dead Men Walking. He’s drummed for the rockabilly star-studded 13 Cats. He’s played with the Head Cat, Col. Parker, his own Phantom Trio, and…did I mention a little band from Long Island, New York called the Stray Cats? He’s Slim Jim Phantom, rockabilly’s… Keep Reading

Deke Dickerson

Another interview I did for my old website probably 10 years ago. It focuses mainly on the Deke’s collector side. Do you remember the first record you bought ? Deke Dickerson –The first records I OWNED were “hand-me-downs” from cousins.  luckily for me they were 45’s of good stuff–50’s rock & roll and country.Stuff like… Keep Reading

Miss Lauren Marie

Miss Lauren Marie

Here’s an interview I conducted a while ago (2006 or 2007) for my previous website ( after miss lauren Marie released her debut album. Since it took place she released two more albums and moved to Europe, but I thought there was plenty of infos that shouldn’t be lost, so here it is again. by… Keep Reading

Nervous records second logo

Roy Williams – Nervous records

Nervous Records – the Roy Williams interview -Hey, I’ve just bought the debut album of a psychobilly combo called the Frantic Flintstones. -Is that any good? -Of course, it’s on Nervous Records! That’s the kind of dialog that my psychobilly pals and I used to have. Nervous was for us – and I’m sure we… Keep Reading

Clint Bradley

Do Clint Bradley and the Blue Cats really need to be introduced? Well… for the younger ones, the Blue Cats formed in the mid 70’s with Carlo Esdwards on guitar his brother Stef on drums with Dave Phillips on vocals and bass and later guest Clive Osborne on sax. They released their debut album heavily… Keep Reading

Quakes (the)

The Quakes are one of the first (if not the first) american psychobilly band. Like their compatriot the Stray Cats they crossed the sea to find fame in Europe where by the time the psychobilly scene was growing bigger and bigger. Roy williams and Nervous record quickly signed them and released their first album, which… Keep Reading

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