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Colton Turner

Last year, I stumbled upon a brand new artist who sang Rockabilly and hillbilly bop just the way I like it (understand: with a strong will to write melodies and a good dose of Buddy Holly in it). Once I received his debut album, it stayed in my player for weeks. That was exactly what… Keep Reading

Mouse Zinn

Here’s an old interview conducted a couple of years ago when Mouse released his Vigilante Man album.   Well, it’s been a long while since you last been into a studio recording. How does it feel to be back? Mouse Zinn — Ha, the last time I recorded ANYTHING was back in 1999/2000 for the… Keep Reading

Randy Rich

Randy Rich

That’s a classic one I often ask, but I’m always curious to know how you discovered the music you play now ? Randy Rich: Well, in one way we were lucky growing up in the 80’s. There was still a lot of Rock’n’Roll in TV and radio even in East Germany. One day I saw… Keep Reading

Dave Stuckey

Dave Stuckey (aka Dave “Pappy” Stuckey)

This is an old one. Maybe the first one I did when I thought about doing a fanzine again, back in 2000 or something like this. “Get A Load of This” was on heavy rotation on my player and I was thinking “How nice it would be to ask a few question to this gentleman”.… Keep Reading

Roy Kay Trio

The Roy Kay Trio

I love to be surprised in music. Of course I’m always happy to buy a record I’m sure I won’t be disapointed with (you can’t go wrong with Deke Dickerson, Marti Brom, Big Sandy to name but a few). But sometimes I just buy records for the name of the band, the cover they play… Keep Reading

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