Quiff Cuts

Quiff Cuts - Cruisin'
Quiff Cuts – Cruisin’

Quiff Cuts – Cruisin’

Korea ‎– KOREA 05 [1987]
Cruisin – Jitterbop Baby – Moonlight Rock – Mystery Train

Too many neo-rockabilly albums don’t hold the long distance and end up being a bit repetitive and monotonous. Quiff Cuts avoided this trap and released a four-song ep. The sound is particularly good and very clean, the arrangements are tight and  their singer is actually good and you don’t have the feeling to hear for the umpteenth time the same guitar solo. One could be afraid to see three well known covers but they play them with enough personality to make them sound, if not originals, very good. The fourth song “Moonlight Rock”  is a self penned number that shows some psychobilly influences. Recommended.

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