Kick’em Jenny

Kick'em Jenny - Untamed
Kick’em Jenny – Untamed

Kick’em Jenny – Untamed

Blue Lake Records BLR-CD 13
Stressed up – Take Me down – Don’t Bug Me Baby – Maybe You don’t care – The Slide – Rockin’ Machine – I’ve Got Love if you want it – There’ll be no teardrops tonight – Untamed – Raw Deal – I’ve done my time – I ain’t gonna be around – I can’t do without you – Pink Elephants
If you ever went to a rockin’ weekender recently, you probably have met a wild blonde girl with a sandpaper voice, a blue guitar on one hand and a glass on the other, playing and singin’ on the car park or jammin’ with a band. You have experienced the phenomenon Kick’em Jenny. Try to figure Wanda Jackson, Paul Fenech, Josie Kreuzer and Wildfire Willie all rolled into one person. Sounds weird, uh? But you’d better listen.
She started to make her name a couple of years ago and her two songs on the comp’ Lake Rattle & Roll caught the attention of every wild rock’n’roll fans (and even conquered those who like softer rockabilly like me). « Stressed Up » proved to be very popular (for good reasons) among DJ’s around the world. Juan from Blue Lake quickly understood he had a one of a kind talent. He held a second session to complete the first one and here’s at last a full album by the volcanic girl.
And as you can imagine the result is a bunch of raw and savage songs (five from Jenny’s pen), some covers and a couple of slower numbers like the haunting “Take Me Down” (imagine a ballad given the Kick’em Jenny treatment with one kind of jungle atmosphere) and on the hillbilly side “I’ve done my time”. The thing is that Jenny has no other equivalent in her female counterparts and more generally on the rockabilly scene.
As usual with Blue Lake, a movie clip is included (you can watch it on your computer) showing the sessions, and proving that Juan deserves his place in heaven for his patience.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

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