The Marauders

The Marauders – Midnight Rhythm
The Marauders – Midnight Rhythm

The Marauders – Midnight Rhythm

Rock’n’Roll Purgatory RRP-010
Last Call – Dead Of Night – Lonely Road – She Put A Curse On Me – Tow The Line – Kill Pop Radio – Refuge – Midnight Rhythm – My Revolver – Satisfied
The marauders are a neo/modern – rockabilly trio coming from Pennsylvania. To describe them I’d say they’re a cross between The Quakes in their Voice Of America period, as Ben Dum’s voice sometimes reminds me of Paul Roman, and some Setzer solo stuff like Ignition. But of course, they’re more than just imitation or followers. The ten songs of this record are all Marauders originals and they know how to write solid stuff in a wide range of mood. The opening song goes “straight in your face” with heavy slap bass, rocking guitar and lyrics like “gotta drink my cash”, how can you be wrong? “Dead Of Night” don’t give the time to rest as it plays on a similar tempo and you have to wait “Lonesome Road” and its country feel to take a breath but it soon followed by “She Put A Curse On Me” a song with fine lyrics you can’t help but sing along. “Tow The Line” is a swingin’ rockabilly tune with a punk feel on the chorus and could easily be found on a comp’ of the legendary Nervous Records label, if you see what I mean. Chris Lawson is a hell of a slap bass player, but, one good point that needs to be mentionned, he also knows when he don’t have to slap and don’t interfere with the drums. “Midnight Rhythm”, the title tracks, starts with just the voice and the acoustic guitar in a country mood and then come the drums and slap bass for another great rockabilly moment. A dark song like “Revolver” has a bit of Psychobilly in it, but don’t let the term confuses you. I mean what they now call “old school psychobilly” when it was just nervous rockabilly not heavy metal with a slap bass. The last song “Satisfied” is a classic rockabilly with a stop/start structure, and let you wanting more.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

The Marauders
The Marauders – s/t

The Marauders – The Marauders

S/R {2006}
I Don’t Mind – We Are the Marauders – Rumble On the Rocks – Johnny Don’t Like ( When You Call Him Elvis) – New Tattoo – Hell On High Heels – Nothing to Prove – One of These Days – Alibi – Lookin’ Forward to Leavin’ You Behind – Ryhthm Fix

Featuring “We Are the Marauders” penned for the band by Brian Setzer. Setzer would later recorded this song on his owb album “13” in 2006.


The Marauders - Dial M For Marauder
The Marauders – Dial M For Marauder

The Marauders – Dial M For Marauder

Bonedog Records {2008}
Juvenile Frustration – She Took a Shot – Road Rat – Last Laugh – Out of Line – On the Radio – 10 Year Drifter – Oh My My – Late Night Livin’ – Roadkill – Dead of Night – Lonely Road – We Are the Marauders

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