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Wyatt Christmas Trio



Wyatt Christmas Trio – I’ve Got Rhythm

Part CD 6107-002
I Wear My Suit – Step It Up And Go – Movin’ On – I’m Goin’ Wild – Live It Up – It’s One Of These Nights – Red Hot – Sea Cruise – Mr Jones – Ride On – Sugar Sweet – Blues Is All Around Me – Diggin’ The Boogie

“I’ve Got Rhythm” is Wyatt Christmas Trio’s second album. It’s an interesting mix of Rock’n’Roll, blues (jump, rockin’ or classic), Rockabilly, Doo Wop and a bit of Jazz too. There’s a lot of variety all through the records. They add plenty of little things to always bring something new to each song whether it’s a different lead singer, some doo wop backing vocals (making them sound a bit like the Speedos or the Keytones), slide guitar, a couple of guest on blues harp, boogie woogie piano and saxophone, each song song different from the previous one. Some numbers have a slight pop edge that could appeal to a broader audience which is everything we could wish for them.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Cherry Casino & the Gamblers – Hi-No-Love

Cherry Casino & the Gamblers - Hi-No-Love
Cherry Casino & the Gamblers – Hi-No-Love

Rhythm Bomb {2014}

Let’s Have A Crazy Ball – A Kiss From You – Breakfast – Don’t Let Them Know – Big Wolf – Hi-No-Love – I’ll Find A New Love – Dream Boy – Kiss Me – Happy Daddy – Just One Look – Where Can I Put The Junk?

I love classic Rock’n’roll and rhythm’n’blues and recently I was lamenting that, though we have plenty of Rockabilly bands on today’s scene, very few were actually playing straight rock’n’roll. And all of sudden landed on my desk via the fine folks at Rhythm Bomb record who do an excellent job the answer to my prayer : Cherry Casino’s third release. A rare case of a flawless album. Everything here is perfect. Look at that cover. Don’t you want to hold a 180g cardboard copy with a beautiful vinyl inside of it ? And now listen to the music… Axel Praefcke (vox, lead guitar), Ike Stoye (sax), Roland Ploog (rhythm guitar), Michael Kirscht and Carsten Harbeck (bass) form a super tight combo. They jump, they rock, they roll and they even croon (with such a singer they’re right to do so).
Praefcke wrote all the songs and managed to do a nealy impossible task. His songs sound totally original and, in the same time, you’d swear these are timeless classics that come from the fifties. Very few can do that (they’re almost as scarce as a weak record in Carl perkins discography).
And the now legendary Lightnin’ Recorders in Berlin added their magic to the mix making the perfect casket for these twelve little gem.

By far my most played record of 2014, enjoy these 28 minutes of sheer joy.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Nikki Hill – Here’s Nikki Hill


heresnikkihillDeep Fryed Records – 2013
Ask Yourself  – Her Destination  – I’ve Got A  – Right On The Brink  – Gotta Find My Baby  – I Know  – Don’t Cry Anymore  – Strapped To The Beat  – Who Were You Thinking Of  – Hymn For Hard Luck

When you listen to Nikki Hill’s debut album, there are a whole lot of references that literally jump to your face and ears. The names of Ike & Tina  Turner, Barbara Lynn, Dinah Washington, Barbara George, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Carl Perkins come to mind. But Nikki Hill (I mean the band Nikki Hill) is more than the sum of their influences. In fact one can describe them with just one little single word. A word too often used to describe any kind of musician with a guitar that it had almost lost its meaning. This word is Rock’n’roll. Nikki Hill is one hell of a rock’n’roll singer and like Little Richard one of her most obvious influence (as proved by the cover and the title) she takes no prisoners. When she rocks, she’s like a storm and when she croons she puts all her soul and aims straight at your heart.
Matt Hill, Nikki’s husband plays sharp guitar breaks that come like a second voice but also deliver a solid groove helped by Ed Strohsahl on bass and John Meyer on drums.
Pure dynamite for your ears.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Phil Haley & the Comments

Phil Haley and the Comments

How did you get into rockin music?
Phil Haley:
I started playing early sixties. My first playing job was supporting Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. I listened to the Shadows,Elvis, Eddie Cochran etc.
I then played with sixties band Unit 4 +2 (of Concrete and the Clay fame – ed), various local bands and duo’s playing all types of music.

Do you remember the first time you heard Bill Haley?
Phil Haley: I first heard and saw bill haley at the local cinema (saturday morning), on Pathe news, showing his first visit to the uk in 1957. I was 9 years old. The entire cinema were singing along to Giddy Up a Ding Dong, the experience knocked me sideways!!!!

How did you get the idea to form the band?
Phil Haley: I was appearing as a guitar vocalist in manchester singing Rock Around the Clock.  After the performance a lady took me to one side and suggested that I do a Bill Haley tribute show as I looked and sounded just like him.  The seed was sown.

In addition to Bill’s Decca and Essex hits, you also write your own material?
Phil Haley: I wanted to add another dimension to the show making it much more than your average tribute band. I decided to have a go at writing my own songs and they have been well received. We also do some of the later material, but he had such a wide and diverse catalogue it would be impossible to cover everything. Personally I prefer the earlier classics.

Have you ever met or played with the Comets?
Phil Haley: Alan Paris the saxaphone player saw them play a few years ago, he introduced himself to them and they signed one of our photo’s.This has pride of place on the wall at home.I also made contact with Bill Haley’s son Jack Haley when we started out. He sent us 4 signed copies of the book sound and glory which he co-wrote and he also sent us some old footage of his father’s early performances.

To finish, did Al, Brian and Martyn ever consider forming the Albrimart?
Phil Haley: That’s an interesting idea!!!