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Two Timin Three

Two Timin Three

The Two Timin’ Three – Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Two Timin Three

Vinylux V0010 [2009]
Black and White Baby – No Thru – I’ll Be True – Love Sick Lullaby – Lonely, Lonely, Lonely – Your New Flame – Since I Found Love – Where Did You Sleep Last Night? – It’s All your Fault – Marie – Got You Figured Out – Just One Wink – Through Foolin’ Around – One Red Rose – No Good Man

The newcomer that impressed me is the Two Timin’ Three!!! Shane, Jeff, and Eric are an excellent rockabilly trio from Austin, Texas, who write and perform in the highest quality.” That’s what Sean Mencher answered in 2006 when asked if a band recently impressed him.
The Two Timin’ Three was founded in Boston, in late 2003, by stand-up bassist Shane Kiel and lead guitarist Jeff Herring. They tried various vocalists before meeting Eric Laufer.
They carried on the long tradition of drummerless Rockabilly, but the Two Timin’ Three were not your run-of-the-mill Rockabilly band. Laufer’s voice was enough to distinguish them, being able to sing with a soft crooning one minute and calm-down menacing the other. Herring’s guitar showed that his influences went far beyond Scotty Moore and Grady Martin, contrary to many aspiring Rockabilly guitar players. One can hear a healthy dose of Jazz and some traces of Chet Atkins and Les Paul in his style. Shane Kiel’s solid slap provided a solid backbone for the band. It’s no wonder that sharing a similar musical background, the band would cross paths with Sean Mencher, who produced this album and Lance LeBeau, who recorded it.
All songs but two (Mencher’s Your New Flame and Cindy Walker’s It’s All Your Fault) are originals. They showed a high level of maturity, with special care to write melodic songs. They mainly played mid-tempos, which allows the singer and the guitar player to ‘breath’ and fully develop their melodies.
Another excellent album followed in 2006 (Payin’ the Price), then the band added Patrick Morrow on drums and became the Two Timin’ Four, thus expanding their musical scope.
Sadly, on September 4, 2008, Eric Laufer was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was only 25.
On a lighter note, I remember the Two Timin’ Three’s performance at The Rockabilly Rave. It was in the afternoon, not on the main stage, but everyone present was blown away by the energy of these three young men.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Vinylux records

vinylux records

Vinylux Records is a Rockabilly label launched by Ronnie Joyner (Flea Bops singer), Lance LeBeau and Wendy Lebeau.

7“ single
Go Cat Go – Who Was That Cat – V0001 [1994]
Flea Bops – Good Time Woman/I’m Ready – V0003 [1999]
Aaron and the Beaux Ties – El Matador – V0012 [2021]

10“ mini albums
Go Cat Go – Go Cat Go – V0004
Flea Bops – Gotta Bop – EP V0011 [2009]

Promo copies
Go Cat Go – Who Was That Cat
Go Cat Go – Forever’s Much Too Long

CD albums
Go Cat Go – Let’s Hear It Once Again For… – CDV0002 [1999]

Flea Bops – I’m Ready – CDV0005 [2000]
The Boom Boom Cat – Tell Me Who… Told You ‘Bout Lovin’? – CD0006 [2002]
Biller & Horton – Texotica – CDV0007 [2003]
Flea Bops – Git To Gittin’ – CDV0008 [2004]
Wendy LaBeau and Her Beaus – Garden Of Eden – CDV0009 [2004]
The Two Timin’ Three – Where Did You Sleep Last Night? – CDV0010 [2005]

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