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Ripsaw records

Jim Kirkhuff and Jonathan “the Spider” Strong formed Ripsaw in 1976.Their legacy may seem small in terms of releases (nine singles, two mini-albums and three lps) but it had a lasting influence on the Rock’n’roll scene.The catalog numbers run from 209 to 224. 209 is a tribute to Elvis’ first record (Sun 209 That’s All… Keep Reading

Wormtone Records

Wormtone records was a Denver based label ran by Kurt Ohlen & Karen Brown who were also behind the Denver’s Rock N’ Rhythm-Billy Weekender. 7” Mohair, Hop’d – Mohair / Hop’d – WT-701 [1993] The Dalhart Imperials – Crocodile Tears ‎- WT-702 [1995] The Dalhart Imperials – There Ain’t No Place Like The Panhandle ‎-… Keep Reading

gina and the rockin rebels

Alligator Records

Alligator Records (not to be confused with the blues label of the same name) was a British rockabilly label based in North London, active between 1978 and 1980. With only four singles and one lp, it’s the perfect example of quality over quantity. The Kool Kats who backed Johnny Key and Gentleman Jim, were Nigel… Keep Reading

Sonovabitch records

Sonovabitch records was a subsidiary label of Count Orlock (based in Holland) exclusively dedicated to release Meteors and related stuff (they had one P. Paul Fenech solo album out). 7″ single Meteors  – Chainsaw boogie – ROTT 90017 12″ EPs Meteors – Chainsaw boogie – ROTT 90011 12″ LP’s Meteors – Madman roll – ROTT… Keep Reading

Rage Records

12“ LP’s Frenzy – This Is The Fire – RAGE LP 101 [1989] Midniters – Walk The Line – RAGE LP 102 [1989] The Cellmates – On Parole! – RAGE LP 103 [1990] Various – Outrage Vol 1 Rage LP 104 [1990] Various – Outrage Volume 2 – Rage LP 105 [1990] The Juvies –… Keep Reading

Rockout records

Rockout records Rockout records was a Rockabilly and Psychobilly label formed by Gary “Gaz” Day, bass player for the Gazmen, the Frantic Flintstones, the Nitros, and Morrissey. 7″ The Nitros – North´n´South – NITEP001 [1993] 10″ LP Deltas From Fleetville To Vegas – NIT 007 [1995] 12″ LP’s The Nitros – Something’s Gotta Give –… Keep Reading

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