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The Toxenes

The Toxenes

The Toxenes – Hot Rod Killjoy records – Kill 026 [2018] Hot Rod – Green Room – Caveman -Alley Cats Like Prince the Toxenes are from Mineapolis but the comparison ends here. This trio plays a solid and straight in your face brand of garage rock. Hot Rod is the perfect opener for this four-track… Keep Reading

Headcoats Sect (thee)

Thee Headcoats Sect Deerstalking Men – DAMGOOD265CD Strychnine – My Dear Watson – Fog-Bound Pinhead – Troubled Times – Cowboys Are Square – Baby What’s Wrong – Why Don’t Toy Smile Now – The Witch – Squaresville – Lie Detector – Deerstalking Man – I’m A Gamekeeper Ready Sect Go!– DAMGOOD266CD Ain’t That Just Like… Keep Reading

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