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Demented Are Go

Demented Are Go – Demented Are Go Present… The Demon Teds – The Day The Earth Spat Blood

Link Records LINK MLP 084
Country Woman – Brain Damaged Chile (Slight Retard) – One Sharp Knife – Flight 103 – Termite Man -Skitzoid Brain – Now She’s Dead (Warp Mix) Life’s A Bitch/Demon Ted Boogie/Now She’s Dead

demented are go

In 1989, Mark Phillips decided to revive Demented Are Go, which had broken up some time before due to the departure of Lex Luther followed by the double bassist. Faithful Ant Thomas (drums) and Simon Cohen (violin) returned, and the lineup was completed by Billy Favata (double bass) and Mike Pannell (guitar), both from the Court Jesters. The group was quickly offered the opportunity to record an album by Link Records. Despite not having any songs ready and without having rehearsed, Demented Are Go entered the studio to record what would become “Demon Teds… The Day The Earth Spat Blood.” Considering the large quantity of alcohol (and likely other substances) consumed, it’s quite surprising that Link Records was able to release an album at the end of the recording session.
The album includes several filler tracks such as Flight 103, Termite Man, and Life’s A Bitch, which quickly turn into aimless guitar demonstrations with a poor metal sound that borders on bad taste. These are interspersed with various noises and effects seemingly for no reason other than to fill up time. Despite this, there are still some good tracks on this record. When Demented Are Go are at their best, they are truly impressive. With Country Woman, the band creates a new genre that blends country music and Psychobilly with a wild and frantic violin and jaw harp. With its intro that sounds lile a zombie version of the Beach Boys, Brain Damaged Chile is a pure blast of madness, and One Sharp Knife is one of the group’s best songs. This version has a much heavier sound than the first version that appeared on Hell’s Bent On Rockin’! in 1985. Both versions are excellent, but I have a soft spot for the first, which is scarier. Skitzoid Brain is also a good song that captures the band’s signature Psychobilly sound.
It’s unfortunate that the mediocre songs drown out the good ones because these four tracks could have made for a great EP.

The Radioactive Kid

Frantic Flintstones

Frantic Flintstones

Frantic Flintstones

Gavin “Chuck” Harvey was born in 1963. His interest in music was sparked by listening to bands like T-Rex, Slade, and The Sweet. At fifteen, he discovered Punk music, with The Clash having the most significant influence on him. The open-mindedness and genre-mixing of Joe Strummer’s band, including elements of Reggae and Ska, would later be reflected in the music of the Frantic Flintstones. They also covered songs like Jimmy Jazz and Bankrobber.
Harvey formed his first band, Mute, where he played bass, albeit not very well according to his own assessment. He then became the vocalist for a Punk/Surf group called What’s This Fish? After discovering the Psychobilly genre, he met Toby ‘Jug’ Griffin, the drummer for Coffin Nails, and this led to the formation of the Frantic Flintstones (initially named the Flintstones). The initial lineup consisted of Chuck, Rick (guitar), Clive Howling (bass), and Griffin on drums. After their first concert in October 1986, Chuck left What’s This Fish? to fully focus on the Frantic Flintstones.
In early 1987, Toby joined the Meteors and left the group, followed by Ric. Chuck then recruited Monkey Gunning, the drummer of What’s This Fish, and Neil ‘Nodger’ Smith. 1987 was a busy year for Chuck and the Frantic Flintstones, as they made a name for themselves on the scene. During this time, Ginger Jones replaced Howling on double bass, but his tenure was short-lived once Chuck met Gary “Gaz” Day. The bassist had advertised his services in Sounds after his first group, the Mysterons, disbanded. Chuck and Gaz hit it off immediately. This lineup (Chuck, Gary Day, Andy Gunning, and Neil Smith) marked the beginning of the group’s recording career.


Raucous Records RAUC002 [1987]
Bedrock – Hot Head Baby – Let’s Go Somewhere – Sugar Daddy

frantic flintstones

In July 1987, the Frantic Flintstones entered the South Hill Park studios in Bracknell under the supervision of Mark “Swordfish” Hunt to record five tracks, including the four featured here and “Alley Cat King.”
All the elements that would define the trademark sound of the Frantic Flintstones were already present: wild vocals from Chuck Harvey, energetic slap bass by Gary Day, and simple yet effective guitar. The recording included three fast-paced Psychobilly tunes and a slower track, “Sugar Daddy,” to close.
A total of 1,500 copies were pressed: 1,000 with a printed sleeve and 500 with a white sleeve.

Frantic Flintstones – A Nightmare on Nervous

Nervous Records NERCD034 [1988]
Hellfire – Monte Carlo or Bust – 44 – Please Cool Baby – Oh Baby oh Yeah – Alley Cat King – Gone Gone Well Gone – Red Chevy – Ring ring ringin’ – What the Hell – Sugar Daddy – Frantic Flintstones – Safe Surf* – Shake Your Honey Maker* – Old Jack Joe* – Jack the Ripper* – Whisky Bottle Baby* [*CD bonus tracks]

A Nightmare On Nervous

After the success of their debut EP, Roy Williams of Nervous Records approached the Frantic Flintstones to record an album. The band reunited with Mark Hunt and recorded “A Nightmare On Nervous” in December 1987 and January 1988, with a release planned for March of the same year.
In a certain aspect, “A Nightmare On Nervous” can be compared to an early Johnny Cash album. By that, I mean these guys turned their weaknesses into strengths. With a guitarist who was far from a virtuoso, they built their songs around Chuck’s distinctive voice and a solid rhythm section featuring the powerful Gary Day on bass. However, some songs, though good, like “Sugar Daddy” and “Monte Carlo and Bust,” could have been shorter by a minute. Nevertheless, this album is full of classics with different styles: early psychobilly (What The Hell and Alley Cat King), neo-rockabilly (44, Red Chevy), and even a wild rockin’ blues (Billy Fury’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” renamed here Gone Gone Well Gone).
The CD version featured five bonus tracks, some recorded later with Gasty on bass: two covers played the Flintstones way, “Shake Your Honey Maker” and “Old Black Joe,” “Safe Surf,” a semi-instrumental (Safe Surf repeated a dozen times doesn’t count as lyrics, does it?), “Jack The Ripper” (not Screaming Lord Sutch’s song), and an excellent original “Whisky Bottle Baby,” previously known in a live version on the “Live & Rockin’” album.“, and an excellent original “Whisky Bottle Baby” previously known in a live version on the “Live & Rockin’” album.

Frantic Flintstones A NIghtmare On Nervous

Frantic Flintstones – Rockin’ Out

Link Records – LINK LP 051 [1988]
Rockin’ Out – What The Hell – One Night Stand – Hot Head Baby / Chuck Blows A Fuse – Rockin’ Bones – Let’s Go Somewhere (Rockin’) – No One Stays

rockin out

The Frantic Flintstones had a successful first album, but it was too long. The following year, they returned with a new label (Link Records), a new guitarist (Jon “Pug” Peet, ex-Mysterons with Gaz Day), and a new mini-album. The shorter length (eight tracks) suited the group better. Surprisingly, the album opens with a Jazzy Fever-style instrumental with a muted trumpet, but something doesn’t quite match the atmosphere: Gaz’s overpowering double bass, which seems invested with a life of its own. The group quickly transitions into a new frenzied version of What the Hell. The future classics follow one after the other. The group has found its balance with this new lineup between Chuck’s rich voice, Gaz’s furious double bass, and Pug’s economical yet precise guitar. As the first side of the record ends, the listener barely has the strength to turn the record over, yet the group launches into Chuck Blows a Fuse, a furious instrumental. Three superb compositions follow, two of which were written during the Mysterons era (No One Stays and House Of Rockin’ Bones), and it’s already over. The Frantic Flintstones have an impressive discography, but this record alone would have been enough for Chuck and his band to make their mark in the Psychobilly genre.

Frantic Flintstones – Yahbahdahbahdoo!

KIX 4 U 2229 [1989]
Alley Cat King – Bed Rock – Hot Head Baby (2nd Version) – Let’s Go Somewhere – Sugar Daddy – Hot Head Baby (1st Version)

This mini-album contains the tracks from the first EP. It also includes a second version of Hot Head Baby, which is not very different from the first version. Additionally, it features the initial version of Alley Cat King, which was recorded during the same sessions. This version has a rawer, almost garage-like sound and approach. The band later refined the song for ‘A Nightmare On Nervous,’ resulting in the masterpiece we know.

Frantic Flintstones – Not Christmas Album

Link Records – Link LP 072 [1989]
Frantic – Wider Road To Hell – Honey Maker – Necro Blues – Oh Little Town Of Bedrock – Gone Gone Well Gone (Harp Mix) / Alone Again/Round Mountain – Just Because – Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me – Santa Claus Is Back In Town – Blue Christmas – Ole Black Joe

The year 1988 was coming to an end, and the Frantic Flintstones showed no signs of slowing down. With their new double bassist, Gasty from the Blue Ridge Rockets (along with Martin “Griz” Smith, also from the Blue Ridge Rockets on drums for some tracks), they went into the studio to record what would eventually become the “Not Christmas Album.”
The group expanded its musical range with the help of guest musicians, including saxophone, slide guitar, banjo, and harmonica. The album kicks off with a cover of Prince Buster’s “Madness,” appropriately renamed “Frantic.” The combination of sax and double bass creates an explosive sound.
The album alternates between slow, menacing parts and sudden accelerations, showcasing a return to top form for the Psychobilly genre with “Wider Road To Hell.” “Shake Your Money Maker” by Elmore James is transformed into a psychotic blues that perfectly suits Chuck and his band. “Necro Blues,” also recorded under the title “Jack the Ripper,” leans more towards the Rockabilly/Hillbilly side.
“Oh Little Town Of Bedrock” starts as a gospel song (“Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem”) before transitioning into a furious new version of “Bedrock.”
Chuck and his band then deliver a new version of “Gone, Gone, Well Gone” (originally Billy Fury’s “Since You’ve Been Gone”), which features an extended bluesy intro with a harmonica.
“Alone Again” begins slowly in a country blues atmosphere, accentuated by the slide guitar, before ending with a festive rendition of “Round Mountain.”
Next, the album features an excellent version of “Just Because” with saxophone. Still in a Presley mood, the Frantic Flintstones cover three Christmas classics played by the King, including an excellent bluesy rendition of “Santa Claus Is Back In Town.”
The superb and eclectic album concluded with “Ole Black Joe.”

Frantic Flintstones – s/t

Raucous Records – RAUC 009 [1989]
Old Black Joe – Alcohol Buzz / 44 – Just Because (HillBill)

This excellent EP was recorded with the same lineup as the one found on the Not Christmas Album (Chuck/Pug/Gasty/Andy). Old Black Joe, also found on Not Christmas Album, is a wild, Psychobilly version of the classic previously recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers and Demented Are Go(among others). Alcohol Buzz is more in a Blues/Rockin’ Blues vein, which allows Pug to perform an excellent and lengthy solo. The third track is a new version of 44, superior to the one recorded on Nightmare On Nervous. This essential EP closes with a “hillbilly” version of Just Because, on which Chuck takes his best Cousin Jody voice.

Frantic Flintstones – Live’n’Rockin

Link Records – LINK LP 098 [1989]
Alone Again – Round the Mountain – What The Hell -. Shake Your Moneymaker – No One Stays – Rockin’Bones – Necro Blues – Hang Ten – Bedrock – Old Black Joe – Gone Gone Well Gone – Playschool Baby – Just Because -. Whisky Bottle Baby – One Night Stand – Blue Christmas

The Live and Rockin’ series on Link was mainly a poorly recorded (and often poorly played) affair. One notable exception was the Frantic Flintstone live album recorded during the Rocking Out tour in November 1988. Despite being recorded just after the departure of ace bass player Gary “Gaz” Day(replaced by Gasty from the Blue Ridge Rockets), it finds the Flintstones in top form, playing classics one after another. The songs come from Nightmare on Nervous, Rockin’ Out, and, for the large part, Not A Christmas Album, recorded a couple of weeks after this gig.

Frantic Flintstones – The Nightmare Continues… Demonic Verses…Chuck’s Revenge

Link Records LINK LP 109 [1989] 
Smack Smack – Dog Rip – Bone Rest – Twisted Retard – Rasppin’ Grasses – Burned ‘N’ Turned – Dustbin Case – Five Clawed Talon – Angel – Lost Love – Astral Cowboy – Waste of Life

frantic flintstones

After releasing a few high-end Psychobilly albums still very much influenced by Rockabilly and Neo-Rockabilly, the Frantic Flintstones released “The Nightmare Continues” in 1989. The album was recorded in June of that year and featured Andy Celbo on drums, along with Jon Peet and Gasty. The result was somewhat surprising. While Chuck’s distinctive voice remained recognizable, the entire album had a very dark tone. The heavy and powerful sound was supported by one or more distorted guitars, giving the impression that the Frantic Flintstones had merged with Demented Are Go. This overall sound was quite successful in blending Psychobilly Gothic with the style of the Frantic Flintstones. However, the length of the album made it somewhat repetitive, homogenizing the sound and making all the songs end up sounding similar.

Frantic Flintstones – The Raucous Recordings – Vol. 1

Raucous Records – RAUC LP003 [1990]
Bedrock – Hot Head Baby – Let’s Go Somewhere – Sugar Daddy – Alley Cat King – Ole Black Joe – 44 – Shakin’ – Alcohol Buzz – Hang 10 – Oh Baby Oh Yeah – Hot Head Baby – Phone Call – Raging Sea – B.M.X. – Just Because

Raucous recordings

This compilation includes some early recordings of the Frantic Flintstones. On the A-side, you’ll find the hard-to-find two EPs released by Raucous. This selection is complemented by Alley Cat King, recorded during the sessions for the first single, and Shakin’ (a cover of Shake Your Money Maker by Elmore James).
Side B is home to six live tracks. While the exact date and personnel for these recordings are unclear, they were likely captured at the group’s early stages. The sound quality may not be perfect, and the group’s playing may be somewhat rough. Still, there’s a unique aspect to these tracks: not only can you hear two rare songs (Gene Maltais’ Raging Sea and B.M.X.), but some seem to be played with electric bass, adding an interesting twist to the group’s sound.

Frantic Flintstones – Schlachthof Boogie Woogie

Link Records LINK LP 129 [1990]
Drugs in the Valley – Holy Sisters – Playschool Baby – Absolution – Endless Sleep – Hang 10 – Trips – Pantman – Breakout Mania – Gonna Miss Ya! – Sexy Red Number – West of London – The Race Is On – Legion Song – D.S. – Pantman

It is challenging to release multiple albums in a short time while maintaining consistent quality. The album Schlachthof Boogie Woogie, which was released in 1990, demonstrates this. While it contains some good songs, it also has a significant amount of filler. The album lacks coherence and suffers from the absence of a solid musical lineup behind Chuck and Jonny Pug. The tracks vary in style, ranging from the acoustic rendition of “Drugs In The Valley (Peace In the Valley)” to “Holy Sisters,” which recalls “The Nightmare Continues.” In between, there is another version of “Playschool Baby” (this time with fiddle, perhaps in an attempt to sound like Demented Are Go?), skabilly track “Endless Sleep,” tunes with a laid-back feeling like “Trips,” a massacre of a classic song (“The Race Is On”), and useless instrumentals like “Breakout Mania” or “Pantman” (aka Batman) with which we are presented in two versions. Not only does it lack coherence, but the execution is also uneven (e.g. the double bass on “Sexy Number” sounds very weird). One highlight is “West Of London,” an adaptation of John Denver’s “West Virginia,” but the group later recorded a superior version for “Cuttin’ A Fine Line.”

Frantic Flintstones – Well Gone In Europe

Kix4U KIX 3358 [1990]
Ole Black Joe – Alcohol Buzz – 44 – Honey Maker – Necro Blues – Gone Gone Well Gone – Let’s Go Somewhere – The Race Is On – Legion Song – Cryin’ Eyes (Country Mix – Broke Up (f/mushrooms Mix) – Endless Sleep (Skankabilly Mix)

frantic flintstones well gone in europe

The Frantic Flintstones released many albums often with the same songs. In the end, you keep wondering if you have another best-of of slightly different versions. This is what happens with “Well Gone In Europe.” Except if you’re a total and absolute completist, you can live without that one.

Frantic Flintstones – Take A Hike

Kix 4 U KIXCD3363 [1991]
Your Cheatin’ Heart – Dream On-Blue – Just A Dream – Sweet Nothings – So Sad – Little old Lady – Necro Blues – Burned’n’Turned – Rockin’ Bones – Frantic – Honey Maker – Gone Gone Well Gone – Blue Xmas – Santa Bring My Baby Back – Santa Claus Is Back In Town – Old Black Joe – Dream On-move

Even though the sound quality is quite good, this album is far from essential. Out of the 17 songs contained in this album, seven come from “Not Christmas Album,” three are re-recorded versions of Flintstones classics (Burned and Turned, Rockin’ Bones, Necro blues), and in the remaining seven new tunes, Dream On is featured two times (a slow one and a fast one). That said, the latest versions are excellent, the unissued tracks are great, the group is in fine form, and the Frantic Flintstones have released far worse than this album.
It’s a good album, but it’s more for completists.

Frantic Flintstones – Rockin’ With…

Rumble Records – GANG 011 [1991]
Tom Dooley – Gotta Know – Brown Eyed Girl – Therapy

Rockin with the Frantic Flintstones

Out of the four songs that constitute this EP, only Therapy is unissued, the other three being lifted from Cuttin’ A Fine Line. It’s a Doo-Wop tune with only Chuck, a vocal accompaniment by the band, and a light piano. You never know what to expect with the Frantic Flintstones, and that’s why they are great!

Frantic Flintstones – Cuttin’ A Fine Line

Rumble RUMBCD009 [1991]
Chilled bones – You’re the one who done it – Sweet Marilee – Jungle love – Time of day – You got me rockin’ – Tom Dooley – Gotta know – Brown eyed girl – Boneshaker baby – Slowly killing me – Don’t want you baby – Drug squad – West of London – Love me – Am I that easy to forget

Released at the dawn of the nineties for the German label Rumble Records (Scum Rats, Rockabilly Mafia, Punishers, etc.), “Cuttin’ A Fine Line” finds the band in superb form and marks the return of Gaz Day on bass with Rich Taylor on drums (Nitros), Pug still on guitar and of course the unmistakable voice of Chuck Harvey. This excellent album (one the very best ever released by the band) mixes classic psychobilly numbers (Chilled Bones, Don’t Want You Baby that features Gaz on lead vocals), blues (Time Of A Day), first-class rockabilly (You’re The One That Done It, Sweet Marilee, Gotta Know), skiffle (Tom Dooley) and some country songs like West Of London and Drug Squad that deals with one of Chuck’s favorite subject. The selection is rounded with two acoustic numbers (Elvis’Love Me and Am I That Easy To Forget), with only Pug and Chuck announcing their following album, the all-acoustic Skin Up, Chill Out, Just Buskin’ Through.

Frantic Flintstones – Skin Up, Chill Out, Just Buskin’ Through

Rumble RUMCD018 [1992]
Hello Marylou – Blue Moon of Kentucky – Will the Circle be Unboken – You Are my Sunshine – Tom Dooley – I Can’t Help it – Born to Lose – Goodnight Irene – It’s Hard to be Humble – Love me – Drugs in the Valley – Take me Home, Country Roads – I Gotta Baby – Am I That Easy to Forget

The only thing predictable with the Frantic Flintstones is that they are unpredictable. In this record, released initially on Rumble Records in 1992, the band, with only Chuck and Pug remaining, opted for an acoustic session. The mood is very laid-back, and the repertoire consists of covers of classic rockabilly and hillbilly tunes from artists such as Hank Williams, Mac Davis, John Denver, Ricky Nelson, Elvis, Johnny Cash, and The Carter Family. Although these are new versions, some of these songs have been recorded by the band before. This collection may not entirely represent the typical style of the Frantic Flintstones, but it is definitely a great addition to any music collection.

Frantic Flintstones – Flesh’n’Fantasy/My Woman Is A Leach

Tombstone Records – Tomb CD 2006 [1992]
My Woman Is A Leach – J.B. Boogie – Will The Circle Be Unbroken – So Close To Heaven – Out Of My Face – Lock Me Up – Fruit Batz – Don’t The Moon Look Lonesome (Lupo) – Sweet Nothings – Gone To The Dogs – Drugged Up Fool (Bonus Track) – Stiffies (Bonus Track) – Devils Rain (Bonus Track) – Fantasize – Fantasize You (Bonus Track) – Sub-Sic-Mental-Menial (Bonus Track) – Tom Dooley (C.D.B.) (Bonus Track) – Necro Blues ’91 (Bonus Track)

On this album, the Frantic Flintstones are Chuck, Pug, Jonny Bowler on double bass, and Rich Taylor on drums. You can also hear Gaz on three tracks from a previous session and Graeme “Captain Drugbuster” Grant.
The album starts with the excellent “My Woman Is A Leach.” After a neo-rockabilly interlude on the Rumble label, the Frantic Flintstones delve into more psychobilly sound, similar to The Nightmare Continues. This is followed by an instrumental that isn’t particularly original but showcases Jonny Bowler’s double bass skills. The next track is a rendition of the Country classic “Will The Circle Be Unbroken,” played over an almost Rocksteady beat. “So Close To Heaven” and “Don’t the Moon Look Lonesome” are two blues-tinged songs that highlight another, more demonstrative side of Pug. “Out Of My Face” is a typical Frantic Flintstones song, alternating between slow and fast parts. “Lock Me Up” is an unusual mix of Rockabilly and Samba on a House beat, which almost works, but the group abandons the track halfway through, leaving the rhythmic loop playing for too long.
The album continues with a pair of Psychobilly tracks (“Fruit Batz” and “Gone To The Dogs”) and a more Neo-Rockabilly tune, “Sweet Nothings.” Then, it moves onto a series of “bonus tracks.” The first is “Don’t Be Cruel,” transformed into “Drugged Up Fool,” which is neither original nor very good. More interesting are the three songs (“Stiffies,” “Devils Rain,” “Fantasize – Fantasize You”) on which Gaz Day plays and were produced and produced by Boz Boorer. These tracks represent the darker side of Frantic Flintstones, reminiscent of Nightmare Continues. “Sub Sic Mental Menial” is reminiscent of Demented Are Go (“One Sharp Knife”), with Chuck’s voice played backward. The album ends with “Tom Dooley” and “Necro Blues,” the latter coming from “Take A Hike.”
In the end, the album contains good songs, although none reach the status of the group’s classics. Still, “Flesh’n’Fantasy”/“My Woman Is A Leach” lacks the direction and homogeneity to rise to the rank of its illustrious predecessors.

Frantic Flintstones – Rock it Boy

Rumble RUMBCD024 [1993]
Marylou – You Call Everybody Darlin’ – You Ain’t Nothing But Fine – I Cant Trust Me In Your Arms Anymore – Carry Me Back To Old Virginia – Blues Stay Away From Me – Blue Moon Of Kentucky – Your Cheatin’ Heart – I’m Walkin’ – Sweet Baby Doll – Will The Circle Be Unbroken – So CLose To Heaven – Jimmy Jazz – Love For A Nutter – Broken Heart

Initially released in 1993, this is the third Frantic Flintstones album for the German label Rumble Records. And like “Cuttin’…” and “Skill Up…” it has a strong rockabilly flavor. The line-up for this one is Chuck, Pug, Johnny Bowler (Get Smart, Guana Batz) and Scag. Although the album lacks original songs, Chuck’s charismatic leadership and the solid backing band make up for it. The band covers songs by artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis, hence the presence of a piano, Ricky Nelson, Rockin’ Sydney, Johnny Burnette/Delmore Brothers, and Hank Williams. They also deliver an excellent rockabilly version of the Clash’s “Jimmy Jazz.” The album also includes different versions of previously released tunes, such as “Blue Moon Of Kentucky,” “Will The Circle Be Unbroken,” and “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” accompanied by backing vocals.
Additionally, “Love For A Nutter” is a demo recorded with Alan Wilson, foreshadowing the following albums (X-Ray Sessions and Jamboree) and the start of a fruitful collaboration.
However, Bowler’s lead vocal on “Broken Heart” is not among the Frantic Flintstones’ highest moments.
The album has been reissued on the British label Raucous Records with a slightly different cover.

Frantic Flintstones – Jamboree

CDMPSYCHO15 [1993]
Detroit Dirtbox – Love For A Nutter – Your Time Is Up – Mean Mean Woman – Diablo – Stay With Me – Sweet Georgia Brown – Lunatics (Are Raving) – Busted – Mindkill – (To The Devil)A Son – Oh 898 – Candyman – He’s Waitin’ – Sad N’ Lonely – Suspended – Chop-Chop, Slash Slash – Honey Child – Hey Chuck – Detroit Bloodbox

frantic flintstones jamboree

Produced by Alan Wilson of the Sharks, who also plays most of the guitar parts, with former bassist Gary Day back in the line-up, Jamboree is one of the three best albums the Frantic Flinstones ever made and probably the richest in styles approached.
Wilson is an outstanding guitar player and songwriter. His collaboration with Chuck Harvey is just perfect.The album features a variety of musical styles, from the surprising jazzy solo in “Diablo” to the country tune “To the Devil A Son,” and even a waltz in “Sad’n’Lonely”. It’s apparent that they had fun exploring various kinds of music.
The album also includes guest appearances. Detroit Donny plays harmonica on the bluesy instrumental “Detroit Dirt Box”, and on the cover of Roy Orbison’s “Candyman,” Sonny West plays some guitars and sings The Sonics’ “He’s Waitin’.” Wilson sings “Mindkill,” a song he co-wrote with Hodges. This song can be seen as the first song recorded by the Sharks reformation. It is during these sessions that Gaz Day convinced Alan Wilson to reform the group with him on bass.
The album features psychobilly, of course, with”Your Time Is Up,” which is reminiscent of “What The Hell” on their debut album, “Sweet Georgia Brown” (not the jazz standard), and the great “Love For A Nutter,” although I do prefer the rawer sounding demo version issued on “Rock It Boy.” Add a bit of rockabilly (“Honey Child” and “Mean Mean Woman”)
If you still wonder why the Frantic Flinstones are so great, just ask yourself who could sing a song about a psycho killer better than them, like a sixties pop ballad.

The Radioactive Kid

Polecats (the)

The Polecats – Live’n’Rockin’

Link Records – LINKMLP 069 [1988]
Pink & Black – Blue Jean Bop – Rockabilly boogie – Hip hip baby – We Say Yeah – Runnin Back – Miss Bobby Sox

Polecats - live'n'rockin

It’s a way too short live album from the Polecats. One can wonder why Link didn’t release a whole show, considering the band probably had one in its archive. The sound is good without being overwhelming; the double bass, in particular, lacks a little depth, and the drums are not too present in the mix. That said, it is very well-played and very catchy too. The group overflows with youth’s exuberance, allowing certain vocal approximations to pass (for example, We Say Yeah). The group also knows how to be wild on certain songs, notably their cover of Rock-Billy Boogie by Johnny Burnette. All the songs are covers (Benny Joy, Gene Vincent, Dennis Herrold, Sonny Fisher, Cliff Richard & the Shadows) except for Runnin’ Back, which was composed by Boz Boorer and comes from Polecats Are Go.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Termites (the)

The Termites – Raucous 4 Track E.P.

Raucous Records RAUC008
Every Time– Rockin’ All Night / Home Sweet Home–Long Time Now

The Termites

The Termites were a Psychobilly band from Scotland. They formed in the second half of the eighties. In 1987, they appeared on the compilation album Gypsy Girl with the excellent Devil Call. The following year, they released their first EP on Raucous Records. The band was then Ewin Murray on drums, Scott “Bally” Ballantine on guitar, Kenny Mitchell on vocals and Gerry Doyle on electric bass. The Psychobilly they play is very aggressive and fast, with distorted guitar in the wake of the early Coffin Nails, the Krewmen and sometimes Mitchell’s voice sounds a bit like a wild and demented version of Pip (Guana Batz). The whole thing is rather pleasant and well done, albeit not very original.It could be a tad repetitive on a long-play, but the EP format suits them well.

The Radioactive Kid

Coffin Nails

Coffin Nails - Who's He? - Nervous
Coffin Nails – Who’s He? – Nervous

Coffin Nails – Who’s He?

Nervous 059 [1990]
Skeleton swamp – Humungus’s horse blues – Midnight hour – Unbalanced – Been around the world – Inspector Clueso – She’s a moose – Mission impossible – Dr. Frankenstein’s castle – Carling Black Label – The loch – Peter (the street cleaner)

Released in 1990 after the disastrous Live’n’Rockin’, Who’s He? is the band’s first studio album recorded with a slap bass. Needless to say that The Coffin Nails had something to prove and this platter was a mighty fine surprise. Produced by Pete Gage, they never sounded so good. Humungus’ voice has improved a lot even though he’s a bit ambitious when he covers “Midnight Hour”. The new members, Scott Milsom on slap bass and Nasser Bouzida (ex member of the ska band The Loafers), bring a welcome dose of fresh air.
In the end Who’s He? is a very good psychobilly album with touches of hillbilly (Humungus’ Hore Blues) and ska (Been All Around The World) played by a band that doesn’t take it too seriously.

 Coffin Nails – Live and Rockin’

Coffin Nails - Live and Rockin'
Coffin Nails – Live and Rockin’

Cherry Red/Anagram cdmpsycho60 {1990}

Please Little Woman – Heartbreak Hotel – Skateboard Frenzy – Brand New Cadillac – Penetration – Let’s Wreck – Myra Hindley – Do You Love Me – Loose Loose Woman (She’s A Moose) – Uncle Willy – Blubbery Love (Saintly Snails) – Psycho Disease – My Baby Left Me

The Coffin Nails have without a doubt played during their career numerous gigs that were worth recording, so why did Link records release this particular show on record remains a mystery. And why Cherry Red/Anagram reissues it is another mystery. Recorded in late 1989 in front of a small crowd (so small you can’t barely call it a crowd), they seem totally unrehearsed: the drummer (who only played on this album) is sometimes off beat and Humungus makes mistakes one after another and almost forgets the lyrics of the songs. Even Humungus admits that this records is their worst one. It’s a pity because when you see the setlist it could have been a great album including all their classics. Prefer to this album the live compilation “Sick Sick Sick” (also featuring Skitzo and Demented Are Go) or their most recent live album “Big Night Out”.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Coffin Nails
Coffin Nails

Coffin Nails – A Fistful of Burgers

Coffin nails

Link Records LINK LP 058 [1988]
Penetration (Orgasmic Mix) – Please Little Woman – Come Back To School – Trust In Me – Heartbreak Hotel – For A Few Burgers More – If Only Mother Could See You Now – My Baby Left Me – Coffin Nails – Nothing To Lose – Blubbery Love (Saintly Snails) – Loose, Loose Woman (She’s A Moose)

In February 1988, Dave Ward left the Coffin Nails. The remaining trio kept on playing and recorded their second album for Link records with Humungus taking over the vocal duties.
But the vocalist is not the only thing that changed. The production is better, and the band seems more comfortable with the studio.
Penetration is a new version of the song that appeared on their debut album, complete with ladies’ screams to go with the theme. Not essential. Please Little Woman finds the band in full Rockabilly mode. Come Back to School is excellent, and very unusual from what one can find on the run-of-the-mill psychobilly albums. Trust in Me, penned by Gra, the bass player, is a mid-tempo, on a Diddley Beat, quite similar to what the Meteors did on an album like Stampede. Their cover of Heartbreak Hotel starts relatively close to the original before changing gear and going mental. The instrumental For A Few Burgers More is a rocking tribute to Ennio Morricone. Like Paul Fenech, Humungus knows how to melt Morricone and Hank Marvin in the same song.
If Only Mother Could See You Now is a great rocking track. Listening to this song could almost convince me that the Coffin Nails were better with an electric bass.
My Baby Left Me is a good rockabilly track. The song is an original and not a cover of the Elvis / Arthur Crudup track. Coffin Nails is a shoot of Psychobilly straight to your feet and is made for wrecking. Saintly Snails (Blueberry Love) has a bit of soul in it with Reverend Humungus preaching the gospel. Loose Woman concludes the album on a high rockin’ note.

Coffin Nails – Ein Bier Bitte

Nervous Records – NERD 031 [1987]
Skateboard Frenzy – Werewolf Bitch – Greased Lightning – Humungus – Let’s Wreck – The Lone Ranger / Plasma Pool – Myra Hindley – Natural Born Lover – Wind Up Dead – Penetration – Uncle Willy CD bonus tracks: Ain’t It True – House On The Haunted Hill – Brand New Cadillac – Outta This World

The Coffin Nails formed in mid-1985 with Tony Szajer (vocals), Steve “Humungus” Clarke (guitar), Graham Farr (electric bass) and Toby Griffin (drums).
This line-up released one excellent track (Plymouth Fury) on Zorch Factor One (Nervous 023) and appeared on Stompin At The Klub Foot 3 & 4, playing Let’s Wreck and Psycho Disease (both written by Clarke and Griffin).
Shortly after, Griffin left to join the Meteors, with whom he recorded a couple of albums, including the excellent, Don’t Touch the Bang Bang Fruit. Dave Ward, a friend of Griffin, replaced him on drums. The band kept on gigging, and in April 1987, one of these shows was recorded, and the Coffin Nails appeared on the Sick Sick Sick compilation album alongside Skitzo and Demented Are Go. This was Tony’s last release with the band, as he left the Coffin Nails around the same time. Dave Ward then took over the vocal duties, and the Coffin Nails recruited Robert “Smurf” Farquharson to play the drums.
The band generated enough interest for Roy Williams to propose them a recording deal. The band found itself in the studio with Doc Stewart producing. Ein Bier Bitte is a little nugget of aggressive Psychobilly, positioning them as rambunctious little brothers of the Meteors from the outset (Steve is a big fan of the group as evidenced by the tattoo he sports on his right arm.) The use of an electric bass reinforces this closeness in the sound. But, while Paul Fenech’s voice is vicious and high-pitched, Ward has a raspy, scratchy voice.
The album opens with a quote from the A-Team, setting the ball rolling with a surge of wild Psychobilly, sometimes flirting with bad taste when it comes to lyrics (Penetration). Like all good Psychobilly groups, we come across werewolves and serial killers (Myra Hindley). Let’s Wreck, more or less modelled on Chris Montez’s Let’s Dance, is a call to throw yourself headfirst into the first pit. The band covers two songs: Greased Lightnin and Natural Born Lover (in an entirely unrecognizable version for the latter.)
Clarke provides much of the material alone (like the instrumental Humungus) or in collaboration. His guitar playing, still rooted in Rockabilly, is perfect and consistently inventive. Some songs are a little weaker, but overall it’s an excellent start for the band. In an interview with Chip Waite for Southern & Rocking in 1995, Clarke complained about the production, saying that “(Stewart) tried making Dave sound like Demented Are Go”. This is quite unfair since the producer captured the energy of the band and the final result is one hell of a powerful album.

The radioactive Kid

Link records / Chuck Flintstone Presents

Link records was a UK punk label, run by Mark Brennan and Laurie Pryor.

In 1988 they launched their Chuck Flintstone presents serie offering Chuck Harvey of the Frantic Flintstones a position as talent scout for Psychobilly music.

Chuck Flintstone presents

The Meteors – Live & Loud* LINK LP 006 – [1987]
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Coffin Nails – A fistful of burgers LINK LP 058 – [1988]
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Demented Are Go – The day, the earth, spat blood LINK LP 084 – [1989]
V/A – Rockin at the Take Two LINK LP 089 – [1989]
Turnpike Cruisers – Drive drive drive LINK LP 091 – [1989]
The Radiacs – Hellraiser LINK LP 093 – [1989]
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Frantic Flintstones – Live & Rockin LINK LP 098 – [1989]
Sugar Puff Demons – Fall from grace LINK LP 099 – [1989]
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Rockin Rocket 88 – Coming home LINK LP 102 – [1989]
Scared Stiff – Dark Streets LINK LP 104 – [1989]
King Kurt – Live & Rockin LINK LP 106 – [1989]
Frantic Flintstones – The nightmare continues LINK LP 109 – [1989]
V/A – Katz Keep Rockin Vol. 2 LINK LP 111 – [1989]
Stage Frite – Island of the lost souls LINK LP 113 – [1989]
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Coffin Nails – Live & Rockin LINK LP 118 – [1990]
The Batfinks – Live & Rockin LINK LP 122 – [1990]
The Termites – Overload LINK LP 124 – [1990]
The Tailgators – The Tailgators LINK LP 126 – [1990]
The Radiacs – Live & Rockin LINK LP 128 – [1990]
Frantic Flintstones – Schlachthof Boogie Woogie LINK LP 129 – [1990]
Rantanplan – Two worlds at once LINK LP 131 – [1990]
King Kurt – Destination Demoland LINK LP 133 – [1990]

*Not on Chuck Flintstone presents but released in the regular Link serie,