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Mississippi Queen

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Mississippi Queen - Oh Yeah!
Mississippi Queen – Oh Yeah!

Mississippi Queen – Oh Yeah!

Rhythm Bomb RBR5818 {2015}
Everybody Have A Ball – Hey Bartender – Oh Yeah – Mississippi Queen – Knock Knock Rattle – My Way Down – Lonely – Same Ol’ Fool – Eyes Of Blue – Brand New Fool – Precious Memories – Ol’ Black Busted Guitar – Bop Train – Why Should I Fall In Love Again?

Mississippi Queen is one of the longest band in activity in Croatia (if not THE longest band) having formed in 1989 and “Oh Yeah!” is their fifth album. They aim at an authentic sound and one could reproach them to the Barnshakers in term of sound; Musically the band is good but the material if not bad (far from that) doesn’t bring something new to the genre (contrary to the Barnshakers who have he songs and the musicianship). Furthermore Don Karlos their singer shows some weakness being slightly off pitch on some songs. Maybe a producer could have helped them to tighten up their sound.
Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Coral Lee

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Coral Lee - The Weather Vane
Coral Lee – The Weather Vane

Coral Lee – The Weather Vane

Rhythm Bomb RBR5825 {2015}
All I Can Do Is Sing – Big Wide World – Rock and Rollin’ Fever – My Sweet Baby Blue – Me and My Chauffeur – Cadillac – Black Cat Blues – Hi Fly Boogie – Lover Man – Rodney – The Weather Vane – Boppin’ On The Moon – Bobby Brown – I Stole The Train

Another excellent surprise from Rhythm Bomb. Coral Lee comes from the land down under and for her third album has teamed up with the fine folks of Lightning Recorders Studio in Berlin. The combination made by the young girl’s voice, the talent of the band and a bunch of self penned originals (the sole cover being Memphis minnie’s Me & My Chauffeur) is superb. The core of the album is made of hillbilly/rockabilly with the occasional detour by 50’s Rock’n’roll with a hint of doo wop and some songs have a more 60’s feel.
There’s a lot of good singers out there (well, at least there’s a few) but Coral Lee has a little something more than many others with her songwriting talent. Tthis is not your run of the mill Rockabilly/hillbilly that you’ve heard for the umpteenth time elsewhere, and the guys at LRS know how to arrange her songs and make them sound.
Follow this girl closely, as I bet that she’ll soon become the darling of the festivals across Europe.
Fred “Virgil” Turgis

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