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Christine and Her Rockers

Christine and Her Rockers – Ain’t No Need

Ain’t No Need – Come Here – Don’t Wait Up – Come On Baby – Gonna Rock My Baby

Christine and Her Rockers

Christine and Her Rockers is a Brazilian group made up of Christine “Carter” Ribeiro (vocals), Ale Marinho (Piano, guitars & backing vocals), Leandro Negri (Upright Bass), Denizard Basilio (Saxophone) and Pedro Leo (Drums). Marinho previously played in the Spaceballs.
This disc is an excellent surprise in more ways than one. First of all, it’s the best of both worlds with two Rhythm’n’Blues covers (Honey Brown’s Ain’t No Need and Lilian Briggs’s Come Here) and three Rockabilly/Rock’n’Roll songs by Laura Lee Perkins (Don’t Wait Up, Come On Baby and Gonna Rock My Baby). The group is solid and equally comfortable in both genres; one will particularly note the sax on the first two titles. But the surprise comes from the singer herself. In general, for some reason that I don’t know, female singers tend to do too much, whether it’s on the seductive side or, conversely, by giving themselves mean airs. How many good records are ruined by a singer who growls or snarls instead of just singing? Christine Carter sings without affectation, and like her group, she approaches both registers with the same degree of success. We can criticize a few minor details here and there, for example, the end of Gonna Rock My Baby, which is not particularly happy. Still, it is not such a big problem if, in return we have a singer who sings with sincerity and without artifice.

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