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Charlie Feathers – Can’t Hardly Stand It – The Complete 50’s Recordings

El Toro ETCD 1020
Peepin’ Eyes – I’ve Been Deceived -Defrost Your Heart- A Wedding Gown of White
– Tongue-Tied Jill – Get With It- Everybody’s Lovin’ My Baby- Can’t Hardly Stand It- One Hand Loose – Bottle to the Baby – When You Decide – Nobody’s Woman – Too Much Alike – When You Come Around – Why Don’t You – Jungle Fever – One Hand Loose (alternative take) – Can’t Hardly Stand It (alternative take) – Bottle to the Baby (alternative take) – Bottle to the Baby (alternative take) – Everybody’s Lovin’ My Baby (alternative take) – Too Much Alike (alternative take) – My My/ Jody Chastain (Ch. Feathers on guitar) – Jody’s Beat/Jody Chastain (Ch. Feathers on guitar)
I’ve Been Deceived (demo version) – Runnin’ Around (demo version) – Defrost Your Heart (demo version) – Runnin’ Around – I’ve Been Deceived (alternative take) – Someday You Will Pay/The Miller Sisters (Charlie Feathers on spoons) – Defrost Your Heart (alternative take) – A Wedding Gown of White (alt. take) – We’re Getting Closer to Being Apart – Bottle to the Baby (Sun demo version #1) – Bottle to the Baby (Sun demo version #2) – Frankie and Johnny (take #2) – Frankie and Johnny (take #5) – Bottle to the Baby (Sun take #1) – Bottle to the Baby (Sun take #2) – Honky Tonk Kind (take #3) – Honky Tonk Kind (take #4) – So Ashamed (take #1) – So Ashamed (take #2) – Corrine Corrina – The Man in Love – This Lonesome Feeling – Johnny Come Listen

May the gods of Rock’n’roll bless ElToro. Here you have the complete 50’s recordings of Charlie Feathers, in other words “the ultimate rockabilly album” :47 songs from the best stylist of the genre, a great country singer (Sam Phillips once said “He could have been the George Jones of his day.”) and an even greater rockabilly singer, the man that brought up the hiccup to the rank of art. His singles for Sun, Meteor and King are now legendary. They’re all here of course, and much more, including numerous alternate takes and demos (I’ve Been Deceived, Runnin Around, Defrost Your Heart, Bottle to the Baby). Also present are songs he played as a guest musician like Jody Chastain’s single on Kay on which he played rhythm guitar and The Miller Sisters’debut featuring Charlie on spoons. A 8 page booklet completes this absolute must have.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis