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Lazy Jumpers (the)

Mitch Woods

Mitch Woods Jukebox drive

Mitch Woods – Jukebox Drive

El Toro Records
Jukebox Drive – Drunk – Boppin’ The Boogie – Blue Light Boogie – Saturday Night Boogie Woogie Man – Blues Hangover – Boogie Woogie Bar-B-Q – Tipitina – Boom Boom – Parchman Farm – Swell Lookin’ Babe – Mitch’s Boogie

Piano player Mitch Woods has made quite a name on the blues/jump scene, releasing numerous albums. He also worked with legends such as John Lee Hooker and Earl King to name but two.

His touring led him to Europe where he stopped in Barcelona, Spain. There, he met one of the finest gang of blues and jump musicians : The Lazy Jumpers. Together they recorded these fine piece of jumpin’ blues, boogie woogie and juicy rhythm and blues.

Half of the 12 songs are Woods’originals, but if the credits weren’t written, you’d swear these are covers as they perfectly fit in the rest of the material. The general inspiration rangess from Louis Jordan to Jimmy Liggins, but you also find a straight blues number with Hooker’s Boom Boom (not very original idea of cover, but well played so… enjoy), a bit of rock’n’roll (the Little Richard inspired “Swell Lookin’ Babe“) and on the jazz side a solid six minute version Mose Allison’s Parchman Farm.

Another nice addition to El Toro Rhythm & Blues serie and one more evidence of the Lazy Jumpers’ talent.
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Fred “Virgil” Turgis

The Lazy Jumpers


The Lazy Jumpers - Comin’ On Like Gangbusters
The Lazy Jumpers – Comin’ On Like Gangbusters

The Lazy Jumpers – Comin’ On Like Gangbusters

El Toro R&B 204
No Way To Get Along – Ain’t Gonna Fall in Love Again – Cry Baby Boogie – Don’t That Hurt – My Dream of You – Living in my Car – Hand Shake Blues – Mr. Advice – Hold Me Tight – I’ve Got My Own – Girls – Cobo’s Hop – Pannic Attack (Little Rachel & The Lazy Jumpers)
Purist will find that surprising but the facts are here : one of the best blues band currently in activity doesn’t come from Chicago or Los Angeles, but from Spain. Not only the Lazy Jumpers are amazing and skilled musicians but they are equally good as songwriters. This album is loaded with 13 original tracks. Supported by a tight rhythm section, Mario Cobo on guitar and the deep growling voice and wild harmonica of Blas Picon take us to a journey through American blues. Straight ahead blues, Bo Diddley beat tune, piano led boogie woogie, Chicago blues, wild rocker, swingin’ instrumental and of course west coast blues you’ll find all that (and more, “Girls” even recalls the early Blasters with Lee Allen) on this platter. But this is just the mould on which the Lazy Jumpers have built their songs with their own sound. The tunes never sound like museum pieces, their references (Joe Turner, Little Walter, T-Bone Walker…) may be in the 40’s and the 50’s, they never are a burden and the band always sounds fresh. They share the same musical spirit with bands like Little Charlie And The Nightcats or Nick Curran. Now, stop beating around the bush, I love this album and the best compliment I could do about is once you’ve stopped listening to “Comin’ On Like Gangbusters”, you’ll just want to catch The Lazy Jumpers on stage. As a bonus, there’s a tune from Little Rachel’s “There’s A New Miss Rhythm In Town” on which The Lazy Jumpers play and shine.
Fred “Virgil” Turgis