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Pachuco José i Los Diamantes

Pachuco José i Los Diamantes – Vamos A Bailar

Pachuco Jose - Vamos A Bailar
Pachuco Jose – Vamos A Bailar

Wild Records
Vamos A Bailar – Saleroso – Chicas Patas – Tiburon – Muy Sabroso Blues – Que Se Mueran Los Feos – Tin Marin – Tako’s Rock – Chucos Suaves – El Alacran – Marjiuana Boogie – All Night Long

In the the fifties, Lalo Guerrero created a style of his own by merging American rhythm’n’blues and swing with elements of Mexican culture and a bit of Samba and Mambo here and there.
Half a century later, a bunch of young and talented musicians (including members of the Vargas Brothers, the Lonely Blues Boys, Los Rhythm Rockets and Lil’ Gizelle’s band…) revive the genre. So if you dig all the aforementioned styles as well as Bill Haley’s rock’n’roll with a Mexican flavour (not to be confused with Bill Haley’s Mexican Twist during period!), this record is definitely for you. The opening/title track is the perfect example starting on a jump/swing beat, then the vocals in Spanish and two breaks with Latin arrangements in the middle. The musicianship is perfect with a special mention to Gil “El Guapo” Rodriguez for his clean and sharp guitar solos both on electric and on Spanish guitar (Que Se Mueran Los Feos). A very exciting and brilliant album that is sure to become the official soundtrack of all your parties.
And to add more coolness, this cd comes in a beautiful gatefold which is the closest thing to a good old vinyl in this digital days.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis