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Son Demon and his Holy Boys

Son Demon and his Holy Boys

Son Demon & his Holy Boys – Boptized

Bluelight Records BLR 33236 2 [2023]
Guitar Rock – It Would Be A Doggone Lie – Keepin’ All My Lovin’ – Alabama Jailhouse – Old Moss Back – Darlene – False Hearted Girl – Did You Tell Me (You Don’t Care) – Done Told You – Home In My Hand – Laughin’ and Jokin’ – Ahead On – Don’t Mean Maybe Baby

son demon & his holy boys

After their EP, released in 2022, this drummer-less Finnish trio returns with an entire album of thirteen new recordings. The pleasure I had while listening to this album made me think I had been a little too harsh with their previous release. Sure, like the EP, this album contains only cover versions, but when I usually complain about the Rockabilly albums that are too often too long, here, the length works to the band’s advantage. Throughout the 13 tunes, the trio has more room to develop its sound and personality, and one can hear all the subtleties of the musicianship. And finally, the style of the band takes over the cover. Of course, I like bands who write their own songs and make their contribution to the long story of Rockabilly. But remember bands like Ray Condo or the Planet Rockers. Both were playing only covers, and no one would argue about their lack of personality. This is the same here; you hear the band first and then recognise songs you already know. A superb production and recording job, with a raw, almost primitive sound, contributes to the success of this excellent album.Don’t hesitate, get boptized!

Son Demon and his Holy Boys

Bluelight Records BLR 45176 7
When My Baby Passes By – Blues Stop Knockin’ / Too Hot To Handle – Wait for Me Virginia

Son Demon and his Holy Boys

Son Demon and his Holy Boys is a Finnish group formed in late 2021 by Vellu Lehtonen (Son Demon) on vocals and guitar, Iikku Riepponen on double bass and Viiljami Kujansivu on guitar. Riepponen is also known for playing double bass with Mike Bell & the Belltones.

It’s a traditional Rockabilly trio with an authentic, almost primitive sound. The band is good, the singer has a good voice and sings well, the guitarist does a good job and the rhythm is solid. All the ingredients are there to make this record a good Rockabilly record. It just lacks a hint of originality. The group does not have, for the moment hopefully, that little extra that can differentiate it from the others. Moreover, the fact that this EP only includes covers (Glen Bland, Al Ferrier, Vince Anthony and Ben Wasson) does not really allow us to judge the band at its fair value. A group to follow, hoping to find them over a longer distance with their own songs.

Also available on CD.

Fred ”Virgil” Turgis