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The Straight 8’s – Girl Trouble


F-Hole – Rock Me – First One Standing in Line – Why Can’t You Love Me Like I Am – Slowly Lose My Mind – Porter Wagoner Suit – Interlude – Help Me Save My Life – El Mirage – You’re Always Gone – Two Stubborn Fools – You’ll Never Get Away – Summer Set

The Straight 8’s are a high-octane rockabilly trio from North Carolina (Chapel Hill to be precise, like Southern Culture On The Skids). “Girl Trouble”, their third album, opens with a powerful instrumental that wouldn’t be out of place on Brian Setzer’s Ignition. The rest of the album varies styles from rockabilly to country stuff (with trumpet), jazz with vibraphone, surf (El Mirage), rockin’ gospel (Help Me Save My Life), 80’s neo rockabilly with a haunting guitar riff evoking Restless (You’re Always Gone), a country duet with Sarah Shook featuring a lapsteel and Summer Set an instrumental in the style of Sleepwalk to close the set.

Good collection.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis