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Wild Roosters

Wild Rooster

Wild Rooster – No Way Out to Hell

Part Records – 693.002 [2013]
King Of Dreams – Angels – On The Other Side – I’m Coming Home – Running Against Time – No Way Out Of Hell – Old Black Joe – Train To Heaven – All I Can Do Is Cry – Rockin’ Little Jill – My Inner Beast – Crying When It Rains

For their fifth album that comes in a superb cover drawn by Vince Ray, these four Swedish Rockers show a slight departure in their sound. If you still find elements of teddy Boy music that was the bulk of their previous album. They have hardened their sound. Thi snew sound, mixed the hoarse voice of their singer, gives a final result that is not that far from Social Distortion or Mike Ness solo stuff

Wild Roosters
Wild Roosters – Take It Off

Wild Rooster – Take It Off

Part Records – 693.001 [2011]
Sweet Revenge / Tennessee Zip / Demon Riders / Fancy Dan / Forever Ted / Ride On Rebels / The Only One / Take It Off / Sisters In Crime / Tore Up / Motorbike / Won’t Waste My Time / Raw Deal / Southern Rose

Despite a very distasteful cover (front and back) I really enjoyed Wild Roosters’ latest effort. These Swedish guys are on the scene for quite some time having played with Snakebite, Crossfire or Wild Bob Burgos. As you can easily guess with this pedigree, they play Teddy Boys rock’n’roll with a sound close to Cavan’s Our Own Way Of Rocking. They have good originals and also give a breath of fresh air to well chosen covers (including Burgos’Ride On Rebels). You’ll find the usual anthems about bikes (Motorbike, Demon Riders), girls and Teds with the soon to be a stage classic “Forever Ted”. They sure won’t change the face of Rock’n’roll, but you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis