Welcome to the Stray-Cats-O-Pedia!

What is the Stray-Cats-O-Pedia?

Well the name says it all. The Stray-Cats-O-Pedia pretends to be the ultimate ressource for all things related to that great band called Stray Cats.

What will you find?

It’s an evolving project but roughly you’ll find entries for songs, albums and persons who are related one way to another with the band (i.e. Dave Edmunds, Mel Collins, 14 Karat Soul etc.) or their main influences (Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent…). maybe places and venues when they played a pivotal role in the band history (studios etc.). To be honest I don’t really know exactly where I’m going but that sounds like a lot of fun!

1 - Songs
2 - Albums & Singles
3 - Musicians and persons
4 - Places and venues