Howlin’ Hound Dogs (the)

Howlin' Hound DOgs - cat by the tail
Howlin’ Hound DOgs – cat by the tail

The Howlin’ Hound Dogs – Cat by the Tail

Self Released
Cat By The Tail – Behave Be Quiet Or Begone – Take & Give – Stranger Than Fiction – Thinking’s Man Woman – Bottle To The Baby – Broken Heart – Gonna Be Better Times – Hungry For Your Lovin – My Baby Walks All Over Me – Gonna Love My Baby – Servant Of Love – Give My Love To Rose – Slip Slip Slippin In
“Cat by the tail” was the second album from this Montreal based band. The first one is now out of print, hope it’ll be re-released some day. What you’ll find here is classic rockabilly, or authentic if you prefer, that wouldn’t be out of place in the Sun catalog (despite the cover art and its Elvis / RCA graphism). One original (the excellent Cat By The Tail) and 13 covers, but played with so much personnality they make this songs their own. Even well known songs like “Slip Slip Slippin’ In” or “Give My Love To Rose” sound fresh.The reason is the musicianship of course, but mainly Noël Thibault’s voice. He has those kind of rockabilly voice I enjoy, where you can still hear the country roots in it (listen to “Behave Be Quiet Or Begone” with its falsetto). Slim Rhodes’ “Take & Give” is given a rockin’ treatment with the steel part being replaced by a Burlisonian guitar  à la “You’re Undecided”. “Broken Heart” is the occasion to salute the work of the rhythm section. The drums and the bass work perfectly together. Sometimes in rockabilly bands, especially when they have a drummer, the bassist tends to over-slap which is not necessary. This is not the case of The Howlin’ Hound Dogs. I could go on, telling you how “My Baby Walks All Over Me” is moving or how “Give My Love To Rose” almost makes you forget the Man In Black, but the best thing for you is to grab a copy now.

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