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Fia Sco and the Majestics

Fia Sco & the Majestics – You’re My Sugar


fia-sco-and-the-majesticsRhythm Bomb Records – RBR 5753
Hey Mister Cotton Picker – The Donkey Song – Dynamite – Shes Gone Gone Gone – Poison – Ice Cold Baby – Misses Whiz – Crawdad Song – Sag, Drag and Fall – Youre My Sugar – Catty Town – Snatch It And Grab It

This quintet comes from Austria. They are Fia Sco (lead vocals), Colonel Rib Kirby (guitar), Big Honzo (steel), Don DeVil (upright bass and he also did the artwork)  and Ray Hummer (drums).
This album is a fine piece of hillbilly boogie with elements of late western swing and pre-rock’n’roll (think Bill Haley’s Saddlemen). The band penned one third of the songs that easily find their place among the covers of Glenn Barber, Terry Fell, Freddy Hart, Sid King, Jerry Reed, Lefty Frizzell…
The young lady has a very good and powerful voice that evokes in her approach the great Rose Maddox (you sometime surprise yourself to expect a laugh here and there). The band is equally good, the two solists trade hot licks with an evident pleasure and the fun they have can be heard throughout the disc, while the rhythm section is just perfect, a special “howdy” to Don DeVil whose swingin’ bass brings a lot to the combo.
If you like the Maddox Brothers and Rose or modern artists like Lynette Morgan you won’t be disapointed with Fia Sco and the Majestics.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis