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Psyclocks (the)

psyclocksPsyclocks (the) – Dont Think, Feeeel​!​!​!​!

Killjoy Records – Kill 007 [2015]
Radioactive Baby – Everybody Stomping – Zombie Walk – That’s Alright

The Psyclocks are a psychobilly trio from Japan. They released their debut album in 2011 and this fine little ep in 2015 on Killjoy records.
They can be seen as the Japanese answer to Demented are Go, their singer having the same kind of gravely voice than Sparky. Musically the band is very good with clean guitar, a powerful slap bass to the fore and tight arrangements.
Radioactive Baby is pure psychobilly. Everybody Stomping has a rockabilly vibe in it. Zombie Walk is excellent and alternates slow and fast parts with a superb and very well recorded double bass.
The cover of Mickie Most’s That’s Allright concludes the ep on high note. They keep the spirit of the song but turn it into something completely insane, sounding like Sparky backed by the Meteors.
Great stuff. If you like classic Psychobilly, you’ll love it. It’s guaranted to make you stomp all night long.

The Radioactive Kid

The Pringles

The Pringles - Rockin' Like A Man deluxe
The Pringles – Rockin’ Like A Man deluxe

The Pringles – Rockin’ Like A Man

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5842
Im In A Whirl-Try Me-Burnt Toast And Black Coffee-Aw C’Mon Baby-Dimples-Watch Out-Bongo Guitar-La Fiesta Esta De Ambiente-Midnight Cryin Time-Jump Jack Jump-Keep A Knockin-Train Kept A Rollin-Rockin Like A Man

The Pringles are a Japanese band made of two lovely ladies (Mei and Yuki) backed by four boys (guitar, double bass and two drummers are credited – a sax can also be heard on some songs) who know their stuff. Mei and Yuki mostly sang in harmonies a set consisting of a majority of covers ranging from Johnny Burnette’s frantic rocker Train Kept A Rollin to John lee Hooker’s Dimples with some Little Richard, Myron Lee, Wynona Carr and Shorty Long in between. Two songs are from the band (Watch Out by Yuki and Rockin’ Like A Man by Mei) and they’re good enough to stand next to these classics without shame and you come to regret they don’t write more stuff, which would make a more personal record. To be honest this record sure won’t change your life, but there’s enough good points to make it a pleasant affair and an excellent party record. A new album is already planned for 2017, so follow this band closely.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis