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Out of Luck (psychobilly)


Out of Luck – Killer Coupe

Part Records Part-coutofluckkillercoupecdd-6100.002 [2014]

The Change Of  the Plymouth – Killer Coupe – I Pack My Bags – Gangster – I’m So Lonely – My Baby Is A Centerfold – Heart Of A Fool – Your Best Buddy – My buckets got a Hole In It – I go For A Walk With My dog – Drop Dead – Demons In the Tank – Kickin’ Up A Row
Out of Luck returns with a brand new kick ass album featuring eleven originals and two covers (Heart of Fool and My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It). Led by the strong voice and the powerful slap bass of Karl Rascal with Rocky on guitar and Beppo May on drums, they perfectly mix their varied influences with classic Rockabilly, neo-rockabilly (one can hear shades of Brian Setzer in the guitar of I’m So Lonely), old school psychobilly kinda like the early Nekromantix or even the Scum Rats with, which is more unusual for this type of band, a heavy dose of country music which makes them sound at places like European cousins of the Reverend Horton Heat. A very good album.

outofluck-greetingsfromoutbackvilleOut of Luck – Greetings From Outbackville

Part Records Part-CD 6100.001 [2012]
Greetings From Outbackville – 49′ Plymouth – Ain’t Got No Job – Rockabilly Rocker – Black Kat – Midnight Drive – Johnny Ultracool – Out Of Cash – Josephine – Into The Valley – I Wanna Kill – Psycho Fantasies – Sunrise At The Foggy River – Cruisin’ – Rainy Day – Love Is An Expensive Affair – Several Ways To Die

Out of Luck is a terribly good and powerful trio who plays revved-up rockabilly that often borders on old-school psychobilly. This album is a subtle balance between the early recordings of the Meteors, Guana Batz and even Mad Sin and more traditional rockabilly stuff with some Reverend Horton Heat in between. The original songs (all but one) are very well written. The sound is also particularly good with a very natural and warm recording of the double bass (not that horrible sewing machine sound one can too often hear in that style of music). As a bonus they included six live tracks to convince you to see them on stage. It’s good to see bands like Batmobile or Skitzo (to name but two) reform, but this music needs new blood, and with band like Out Of Luck the future seems assured.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

The Speedos

the Speedos - It's Only Rock'n'roll
the Speedos – It’s Only Rock’n’roll

The Speedos – It’s Only Rock’n’Roll

PART 647.001 [2010]
Ghostriders ~ Believe me ~ Remember then ~ From the bottom of my heart ~ Sandy ~ You’re driving me crazy ~ Cotton fields ~ I’m not a juvenile delinquent ~ A Zippe Di Zoom ~ Fly me to the moon ~ Come go with me ~ Lovely night ~ Rag Mop ~ I just want to know ~ Sh’Boom ~ West Virginia (Country Roads) ~ The Diary

Part has the good idea to reissue the Speedos catalog. First released in 1989, It’s Only Rock’n’roll was until this reissue only available on vinyl and I suppose long out of print.
This quartet could be described as the German cousins of the British Keytones.
They play doo-wop harmonies with a bit of jive on a rockabilly background. There’s even some hillbilly with their uptempo cover of Cotton Fields.
Like numerous debut album, it’s not flawless, but the few minor imperfections are well compensated by the freshness of their approach.
The repertoire goes from Frankie Lymon (I’m Not A Juvenile Delinquent) to the Del-Vikings (Come Go With Me) or Frank Sinatra (Fly Me To The Moon) with a couple of originals too written by lead singer/guitarist Olaf Prinz. On a couple of songs the line-up (guitar / doublebass / drums / saxophone) is augmented by Götz Alsmann on piano for a fuller sound.
As an added bonus,the band’s debut ep from 1987 – featuring a self penned song (I Just Want To Know) and three covers: Sh-Boom, John Denver’s Take Me Home Country Roads and a rockabilly-doo-wop rendition of Neil Sedaka’s The Diary – is included. Recommended.


the Speedos - A Dreamin' Life
the Speedos – A Dreamin’ Life

The Speedos – A Dreamin’ Life

King Hat [1992] – reissue Part [2010]
I call it bop – Duke of earl – Jungle book – I adore you – Quiet whiskey – Believe me – A dreamin´life – Dance town – Caledonia – Blackboard jungle – Forever – Hey you

A Dreamin’ Life is the band’s second album, and to get to the point, their best. It takes more or less the same ingredients than their debut but both the sound and the band are better.
It kicks off with “I Call It Bop” that wouldn’t be out of place on the Stargazers’ debut album. Next is the accapella doo-wop “Duke Of Earl” with top vocals and harmonies. They also do great justice to Louis Prima’s Jungle Book. “I Adore You” is a sweet ballad with a bluesy edge. The pace changes with Wynonie Harris’ Quiet Whiskey, a solid jiver also treated in a Stargazers style. Believe Me features Gotz Allssman and is a re-recording of a song from their first album in a more accomplished version. The title track is a soft rockabilly. “Caldonia” is the sole weak point of the album, but it’s quickly forgotten with Blackboard Jungle a great rock’n’roll. “Forever” is another great moment in the Keytones style while Hey You concludes the album on an uptempo note.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

The Speedos – Olaf Prinz, Bernd Eltze, Volker Naves & Frank Johland

Frantic Rockers


Frantic Rockers - Savage Beat
Frantic Rockers – Savage Beat

Frantic Rockers – Savage Beat

Rhythm Bomb RBR5784
I Wanna Boogie – Hoodoman Blues – Rolling Stone – Crying And Pleading – All Through The Night – Tears I Cried – I’m Gone – Drive Me Insane – Rumors – Howling – All Night Long – Have Some Fun Tonight – Crazy
Rhythm Bomb has just launched a LA branch and this one is one of the first two new release. And believe me firends, that’s what I call a hot platter. Beware it’s gonna burn your player down.
Take some classic harmonica driven Chicago blues, add a good dose of neo-rockabilly (their upright bassist, Jorge, is really a frantic rocker) and sprinkle it with a punkish attitude reminiscent of the Sonics or the Downliner Sect, and maybe you’ll have a close idea of how this four guys from Los Angeles sound. The rhythm section is tight as hell, powerfull slap bass with Diddley beat, their guitar player is an ace and the singer has the perfect gravelly and threatening voice.
I couldn’t recommand this album enough.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Something Shocking

Something Shocking
Something Shocking

Something Shocking

Something Shocking were a psychobilly band with a strong pop edge formed in the late 80’s. They first started with Doug Sheperd on guitar, Vannessa Pipe on bass and vocals and a drummer named Pete going under the names of Biffa & the Bacons and Mission Impossible, before they were joined by Emma Goss who was a far better bassist than Vannessa.
Then after one year, Doug left, officially to join the Rattlers (where he was playing before) but also due to personnal reasons. His replacement was Mike Pannell who previously played with Demented Are Go.
The band supported many psychobilly bands like Guana Batz, Klingonz, Restless and also played the Big Rumble twice They finally recorded an album for Dell Richardson’s Fury records (made in two days) that reflects the various influences of the bands (from psychobilly to pop stuff like Deacon Blue and 60’s girl bands). They parted ways three months after the release of the album. They could have had a higher degree of success: the song were good and they were different and originals compared to many other bands.
Goss remained very active and played with the Griswald and she can be found playing with The Unknowns, Razzle Dazzle (Bill Haley tribute band), Oo-Bop-Sh-Bam, Johnny Gunner…


1991 – Pink LP (Fury) /CD (Vampirette)
1989 or 1990 – Something To Remember (Fury)

Jinx Jones


Jinx Jones - Rumble & Twang
Jinx Jones – Rumble & Twang

Jinx Jones – Rumble & Twang

Flat Getting’ It – Either Way I Lose – I’m Coming Home – Swedish Pastry – Border of Right and Wrong – The Messiah Will Come Again – Baja – Mr Right Now – Double Talk Baby – Street Shark – Penetration – Flat Getting’ It 2 – Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White
It looks like I’m the last one here to discover Jinx Jones talent, and I still wonder why I haven’t noticed him earlier. This guy oozes talent and musical intelligence from every inch of his skin and has the honest and versatile approach I like so much. This album features a couple of solid instrumentals. The opening number is a strong slice of neo-rockabilly (the kind of thing Brian Setzer could have written in his better days). A steel guitar guests on Barney Kessel’s jazz standard “Swedish Pastry” which gives a Speedy West and Jimmie Bryant flavour. He also covers The Messiah Is Gone from Roy Buchanan’s first album, an artist he backed in the 80’s describing the experience as “the most eye-opening and life changing”. In fact Jones explores the whole spectrum of American music with two surf instrumental (Baja and Penetration) with tons of reverb and makes incursions into Jump and Jive territories with sax (Street Shark”), country boogie (Flat Gettin’ It Part 2) with brilliant acoustic guitar work and as a bonus Jones has included a bossa nova coming from the catalog of Perez Prado.
If his main thing is the guitar, he certainly doesn’t have to be ashamed by his vocal tunes. These are powerful rockabillies like “Either Way I Loose” a Mystery Train type of song with drums shuffle. He also delivers a muscled version of Johnny Horton’s I’m Coming Home with piano.
If you like versatility, rockin’ guitar (under all its forms) or just good music grab a copy of this one.


Jinx Jones - Live Twang In Finland
Jinx Jones – Live Twang In Finland

Jinx Jones – Live Twang In Finland

Home Braend
Double Talk Baby – You Can’t Kill Me Cause I’m Already Dead – Honey Hush – Penetration – Mr Right Now – I Need A Good Girl Bad – Tear It Up – Honky Tonk Playgirl – Jack The Ripper – Either Way I Lose – Rock Billy Boogie – The Messiah Will Come Again
As its title indicates, this album has been recorded live in Finland with Los Fabulitos (Henry Valanne on drums and Ari Sjoblom on bass) and is released on a Finish label too. It’s a good mix between instrumentals and songs, straight rockabilly, more neo stuff, surf and blues. Jones wrote or co-wrote four tunes completed by good covers (with no less than three from the Johnny Burnette catalog). Though being a honest singer, as prove his wild rendition of Honey Hush or Mr Right Now, Jones’ real talent lays in his guitar (and most of all in his hands).From the surf classic “Penetration” to Link Wray’s “Jack The Ripper” and Jones’ tour de force on “The Messiah Will Come Again” (Roy Buchanan), it’s a cascade of notes and sounds. The rhythm section makes a solid anchor for his somewhat exhuberant style but Jones lets them room to express themselves and you’ll find a couple of slap bass and drums solos. The whole thing is very energetic and makes you feel they’ve all been recorded during an encore, if you see what I mean.

Jinx Jones - Rip and Run
Jinx Jones – Rip and Run

Jinx Jones – Rip & Run

Home Braend [2010]
On Parole And Out Of Control – Never Live It Down – Doghouse – How High The Moon – Time To Have A Good Time 1 – Rip and Run – Hot Rod Heartbreaker – No Beer In Heaven – Vibro Exotica – Redneck Barbie – What Makes You Think I’m Lonesome – Prairie Dig Daddy – Time To Have A Good Time 2 – Roma’s Song.

“Rip And Run” is the latest (and best) album from California’s guitar ace Jinx Jones recorded with Joe Kyle on bass, Jimmy Sage (Lee Rocker band) on drums, Caroline Dahl on piano and David Phillips on steel. It’s a solid offering mixing different style of rocking music with elements of blues and country (isn’t the definition of Rock’n’roll?). It’s led from start to finish by Jones’guitar and his 30 fingers (that’s the only way I can explain his dexterity). He mostly plays on Telecaster and Grestch, and maybe a Jazzmaster which is a proof of good taste. It kicks off with “On Parole And Out Of Control” that has a strong Reverend Horton Heat feel in it (think “Big Red Rocket Of Love“). It’s also a great showcase of Jones guitar play. The swingin’ “Never Live It Down” slows down the pace, I just regret that the piano doesn’t take a chorus on this one. “Doghouse” is a fine cowboy ballad with a solid Bakersfield styled guitar solo. If you still doubt of Jones’ virtuosity, “How High The Moon” is here to reminds you that this guy plays in the same league than Brian Setzer or Danny Gatton. “Time To Have A Good Time” is a fine neo-rockabilly tune separated in two parts (roughly one for the lyrics and the other one for the solos, like Creedence’s Suzy-Q), it also could have been the title of the album. It’s instrumental time again with “Rip & Run” that sounds like a cross between Ennio Morricone and the Ventures. “Hot Rod Heartbreaker” is a solid rocker with a Chuck Berry flair. Back to country music with “No Beer In Heaven” (what a title!) a sped up hillbilly number. Starting like Sleepwalk, “Vibro Exotica” is an instrumental that slips toward blues in the middle. The mistake would be to reduce Jinx Jones to a guitar player. He is quite a good singer and he can write pretty good songs too (he wrote all the numbers of this album but two) with witty lyrics like “Redneck Barbie” an excellent modern rockabilly. I really enjoyed the Honky Tonk sound of “What Makes You Think I’m So Lonesome“. The steel and the guitar duet on “Prairie Dog Daddy“, a jumpin’ instrumental, halfway between Little Charlie Baty and Leon Rhodes and Buddy Emmons. “Roma’s song” closes the album with another slice of solid guitar that shows the influence of Roy Buchanan.
If you’re a guitar geek, a fan of the Reverend Horton Heat, Brian Setzer and Danny Gatton, or if you simply like good music (with plenty of guitar), do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this one.
Available here.

Jinx Jones - Twang Tastic!
Jinx Jones – Twang Tastic!

Jinx Jones – Twang-Tastic!

Vibro Sound Records [2015]

A new album by Jinx Jones is always the guarantee of solid musicianship – not only because he’s a guitar ace, I guess we all agree with that, but the musicians that play with him are also top notch – very good songwriting and a wide array of styles. Twang-Tastic! makes no exception to the rule.
Metalflake Sky opens the set. This powerful instrumental mixes shredding with surf guitar for great effect. What I like with Jones is the fact that his instros are always well constructed, with a progression and a structure, and are not just a bunch of riffs tied together to show his skills.
Nothing Left to Burn is modern rockabilly at its best, with doo-wop backing vocals and saxes.
Ruin My Bad Reputation is one of the top tracks of the album. I easily imagine Jim Heath (the Reverend Horton Heat) thinking “Why didn’t I write it?“. Powerful, melodic, and perfectly sung. If on the previous albums Jones sounded more like a guitar player who sings, he shows equal skills now. Play loud!
Wham-Bam Boogie is not the most original track of the album but it delivers a solid jump blues with a swingin’ beat which is always nice.
Benny Goodman’s Flying Home is the first of the two covers of Twang-Tastic! and another tour de force for the man who mixes rockabilly guitar with be-bop. Hey Mr Setzer how about a duet with that guy?
If Midnight Train reminds of Johnny Burnette this is not because it’s a cover of the song of the same name  but this fast neo-rockabilly has the same power as Honey Hush or Train kept-A-Rollin.
It’s country and western time (with a bit of swing) with Better Off Gone that features two solid steel guitar solos played by David Phillips.
The spirit of Eddie Cochran floats over Beat Crazy Baby a simple but effective Rock’n’roll.
If the producers of James Bond were smart, they’d ask Jinx Jones to write the title theme for their next movie. Love Don’t Live Here No More has that exact 60’s feel with a touch of blues in the solo.
Jinx Guitar Boogie is another instrumental. Imagine Carl Perkins in the early 60’s to give you an idea of the sound (what’s more he quotes Carl Perkins’ Say When for my great pleasure).
Both High and Dry and Too Many Chicks are hot rockabilly and the set ends with the cover of the Theme from Thunderball.
Highly recommended.

Jinx jones
Jinx Jones

The Ringlets Trio


The Ringlets Trio - For Daily Use
The Ringlets Trio – For Daily Use

The Ringlets Trio – For Daily Use

Part Records, PART-CD 657.001 [2003]
Who’s That Girl – Love Bug Crawl – Straight Ahead – Mobile Alabama – Come On Kitty – Angelina – This Heart Of Mine – I’m Coming Home – 2 Tone Shoes – Do The Bop – My Only One – Why Did You Leave Me – Top Of The World – I Need Her So – Baby Take Me Back – Break Some Rules

After a long hiatus (nearly 10 years) the Ringlets Trio (Gunnar Fick, Lead Vocals & Upright Bass – Ulrich van der Schoor, Backing Vocals & Guitar and Christof Woller, Drums & Percussion) returns with a more traditional sounding album featuring some very good songs ranging from hillbilly bop with steel guitar (Straight Ahead and Top of the World) to Latin influenced tune like Angelina with plenty of rockin’ in between.
After “Brand New Beat” that saw them going a bit too far away from the “Ringlets sound” and “Rockabilly Favorite” that wasn’t really an album, it’s fine to see them return in fine form to something closer, but more modern and with expanded influences, to what the band used to play. To compare what the band accomplished listen to “Why did you leave me” on this album and the earlier version that appeared on “Be Aware”.

The Ringlets Trio - Rockabilly Favorites
The Ringlets Trio – Rockabilly Favorites

The Ringlets Trio – Rockabilly Favorites

Rumble – RUMBCD032  [1996]
Your Baby Blue Eyes –  I’m Sittin’ On The Top Of The World – Mambo Rock – Who Slapped John? – Route 66 – Lonesome Train – Race With The Devil – Twenty Flight Rock – Right Behind You Baby –  Baby Let’s Play House – Rock Therapy – That’s Right – Rain – Caldonia

The title says it all. Fourteen rockabilly classics played by the Ringlets Trio. If some are pleasant and even good (Lonesome Train, Right Behind You) others, especially the slowest numbers, are just average, especially the vocals that is not always in tune.
Far from being essential.

The Ringlets Trio - Brand New Beat
The Ringlets Trio – Brand New Beat

The Ringlets Trio – Brand New Beat

Rumble – RUMBCD032  [1994]
Honky Tonk Blues Talk To Me Like The Rain Sugar Bee Fell Damn Low Give Me All Your Lovin’ Hey Girl Drifting In Your Arms Bullfrog Blues Crazy Legs  – She’s Fine Homeless

“Brand new beat”; it’s written on it, so if you think you’ll find on this platter the jivin’-doo-wop-neo-rockabilly that you used to expect from the Ringlets Trio you’re bound to be disapointed. The band changed their style with a fuller sound, a heavy production, pounding drums, and guest instruments (accordion, piano, organ, lap steel…). They remain true to roots music but with a definitive modern approach not far from the Blasters ranging from electrified country to rockin’ blues with zydeco in between. For example their cover of Hank Williams’ Honky Tonk Blues sounds more like Dwight Yoakam than the Lovesick Blues Boy.
Very different from the “old” Ringlets trio but quite good.

The Ringlets Trio - Rocks/Big Apple Jive
The Ringlets Trio – Rocks/Big Apple Jive

The Ringlets Trio – Rocks/Big Apple Jive

Rumble 003
Down Town Girl ~ 6-5 Jive ~ Burnin’ Baby ~ Bad Dreams ~ The Only Way ~ Shake Your Moneymaker ~ House Is Rockin’ ~ Don’t Stay Gone Long ~ Flyin’ Saucers Rock ‘n’ Roll ~ She’s The One ~ Latch On ~ Rock ‘n’ Roll Jump ‘n’ Jive ~ Big Apple Jive ~ My Only One ~ London ~ Blood On Her Fingers ~ Train ~ Cover Girl ~ I Can’t Go On ~ Don’t Waste Your Time ~ Crazy Legs ~ Stranger In Town.

This cd of the Ringlets Trio gathers the first and the third albums recorded by this German band respectively in 1988 and 1990.
Big Apple Jive, the first one, is included as a bonus in the second part of the record (tracks 13 to 22). It contains its dose of uptempo neo-rockabilly with slap bass to the fore (Train) and clean electric guitar. They mix it with jive/doo-wop material reminiscent of the Keytones (Cover Girl), a bit of country music (My Only One) and some jazzy-rockabilly (Stranger In Town). Sadly the vocals are not always in tune and it shows its limits especially on songs that need tight vocal arrangements.
Recorded nearly three years later, Rocks is a far better effort on many levels. The guitar sound is richer and Gunnar Fick, still more than able on double bass, feels more confident when he sings. The self penned songs are also more original. The Ringlets Trio added a good dose of blues (Shake Your Money Maker, the house is Rockin) and some songs benefit of the presence of Gotz Alsmann on piano.
All in all a far superior album.

The Ringlets Trio - Be Aware
The Ringlets Trio – Be Aware

The Ringlets Trio – Be Aware

Cuppamore Records ‎– CUPPAMORE 11 [1989]

Why Did You Leave Me Doll Face What Love Can Do   I Need Her So Pink Roses  Grey Cat Strut Give Me The Chance Today, Tomorrow, Forever   What About You  Standin’ At The Outside 2 Hearts, 2 Kisses To Loose A Love

A far better album than the first one, the band (Hartmut Oderbein, drums – Jens Pinkernell, guitar and Gunna Fick, lead Vocals, double Bass) is tight (though there remains some flaws in the vocals) and deliver some solid neo-rockabilly somewhere between Restless and the Keytones. And there’s still that crazy double bass that is the band’s strongest point.
All in all despite some minor flaws an good album, that reflects what the scene sounded like back in the mid/late eighties.


R-2471221-1314337968The Ringlets Trio – Big Apple Jive

Ringlets Records [1987]
Big Apple Jive ~ My Only One ~ London ~ Blood On Her Fingers ~ Train ~ Cover Girl ~ I Can’t Go On ~ Don’t Waste Your Time ~ Crazy Legs ~ Stranger In Town.

Debut album recorded in September in 1987 and self released by the band. Later reissued as a bonus on their third album (see the review for more details).

Fred “Virgil” Turgis


See also Blue Velvet anf the Honky Tonk Pounders, featuring Gunnar Fick on guitar.
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