Rumble records

Rumble records

rumble records

Rumble records was a German label based in Bochum. They specialized in Psychobilly and Rockabilly.

7″ singles

  • Rockabilly Mafia – 4 Trax Of Blastin’ Rockabilly – GANG 001 [1989]
  • Town Rebels – She’s Ok – GANG 002 [1990]
  • Scum Rats – Scum Rats – Gang 003 [1990]
  • Frenzy – Robot Riot – Gang 004 [1990]
  • Scum Rats – I Love Rock’n’Roll – GANG 005 [1990]
  • The Meteors – Somebody Put Something In My Drink – GANG 006 [1990]
  • The Meteors – Surf City – GANG 007 [1990]
  • X-Ray Guns – Dr. X – Gang010 [1991]
  • Frantic Flintstones – Rockin’ With The Frantic Flintstones – GANG 011 [1991]

12″ EP’s

12″ LP’s


Vinyl Frontier

Vinyl Frontier was a sub-label of Rumble records for vinyl reissues.

Black Lagoon

BL001 and BL002 were released with Black Lagoon fanzine.
BL003, BL004 and BL005 were released with Demon Love fanzine.

Various – Black Lagoon No. 1 – The Skateboard-Killer – BL001 [1991]
Various – Black Lagoon No. 2 – Empty-Rooms – BL002 [1992]
Various – Black Lagoon No. 3 – Eddie’s Return – BL003 [1992]
Various – Black Lagoon No. 4 – German Billies – BL004 [1993]
Various – Black Lagoon Vol. 5 – BL005 [1994]

Rockabilly Mafia


Rockabilly Mafia – Rockin’ in the Graveyard

rockabilly mafia

Graveyard Records GR001 [1986]

Silly Little Lady – Rockin’ In the Graveyard – 4th Love Affair – Loneliness

Rockabilly Mafia released their debut ep in 1986 on their own Graveyard label. On this recording the musicians were Ted Harbeck (double bass and vocals), Kai Beyer (guitar) and Andreas Ding Dong Dalecki (drums). This early line-up – Beyer was quickly replaced by Tex Willer – defined their sound for the following years.

Rockabilly Mafia can be, in a certain manner, compared to the great Johnny Cash. The musicians of the band are not the most accomplished (especially on that debut recording) but they use what could be a limit to build their style. So what is their style? It’s a made of raw Rockabilly (more Meteor than Sun records) with slap bass to the fore, spare drums and light electric guitar with mixed with early Crazy Cavan and an attitude not that far from the first wave of Psychobilly bands. And to pursue the comparison with Johnny Cash, on top of all that, you find Tex Harbeck’s voice that is instantly recognizable.

Read our interview with Ted Harbeck here.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis