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Scamps (the)


Scamps (the) – Shake Your Hips

Nervous Records NEP 006 [1991]
Shake Your Hips (live) / Afore Ye Go – Keep On Going Straight


The Scamps first recorded Shake Your Hips on their debut mini-album in 1986 in their “Restless meets the Keytones” style. This Iive version recorded in 1991 is way more heavier with a steady and menacing beat. There’s a very great solo by Joël Lagnier on guitar and the band knows how to interact with the audience.
The two tracks on side B comes from the album Mayday and both are self-penned. Afore Ye Go is a superb modern Rockabilly, led by Joël’s slide guitar and a solid double-bass. Keep On Going Straight is a fast tune on a boogie-rock beat (think Sure Like The Look In Your Eyes). Both songs are close to what Restless recorded with Steve Whitehouse on Movin’ On.

Scamps (the) – Play Man

Note Records – SCAMPS 1 [1989]
Play Man – Hayride to Hell / Shake Your Hips – Sh-Boom

Scamps - Play Man

The Scamps (Bruno Peisey: vocals, Frédéric Mascrier: double bass, Joël Lagnier: guitar and Alain Fatras: drums) released this maxi single in 1989 on Note Records, a German label. The A-side consists of two new recordings. The title track is a superb Neo-Rockabilly that equals anything recorded by Restless on Beat My Drum. The western-tinged Hayride to Hell is a cover of Hoodoo Gurus. The song shows that the band draws inspiration from a wide range of styles.
On side B are two songs from the band’s debut mini-LP that have become stage favourites over the years: the Keytones-sounding Sh-Boom and their excellent rendition of Slim Harpo’s Shake Your Hips.

Scamps (the) – Don’t Be Worried

Studio SDH – SDH311 [1984]
Don’t Be Worried / Live Fast Die Young


Debut single by the Scamps before they morphed into a Keytones / Restless influenced band. On this single the line-up of this French band was Bruno Peisey (vocals), Joël Lagnier (guitar), Frederic Mascrier (slap bass) and Marc Kornet (drums.)
A-side starts with a slow introduction then evolved into a mean rockabilly with a touch of psychobilly. B-side is a cover of the Blue Cats.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis