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Taggy Tones - Unplugged, Unreleased, Unexploited
Taggy Tones – Unplugged, Unreleased, Unexploited

Taggy Tones – Unplugged, Unreleased, Unexploited

Raucous Records RAUCD165
Saint & A Sinner – Rockabilly Girl These Boots Are Made For Walking Rockabilly Rebel – Rebel Yell – This Little Girl – His Latest Flame Folsom Prison Blues – Insane – Big Fat Stella – If Only You Knew – Memories Keep On Haunting Me – Pink & Black – Crazy Kid – C’mon Johnny 501 – Crazy Love – Blue Suede Shoes Tutti Frutti – Nutbush City Limits Run Rudolf Run – Don’t EverTrust A Girl
Very good compilation of totally new material from this Danish neo-rockabilly combo. Tracks 1 to 6 are taken from a radio show and are recorded unplugged. These six songs worth the price of this album alone. Do you remember Restless’ unplugged songs on their “Rarities” cd, these ones are as good. Acoustic guitar, slap bass and brushed snare. Great version of Matchbox “Rockabilly Rebel” and even better is Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”. Idol seems to be a favourite of rockabillies and psychobillies as he was heavily covered troughout the years. Lost Souls did “Dancing With Myself”, The Ricochets did “King Rocker” and recently Union Avenue played a fine version of “White Wedding”. “Saints & Sinners” is not The Long Tall Texans one but a Taggy Tones original. The second part are unreleased and alternate takes from the “Rockin’” album. They kept the same tempo for “Memories Keep On Haunting Me” but this version has no whistling and the voice is different. Hard to choose between the two versions, I’m afraid you’ll have to buy both. Tracks 13 to 17 are demos of songs from “Viking Attack” album and are produced by Kim Nekroman. It’s no wonder to hear on “Crazy Kid” a typical Nekromantix backing vocal. A few live songs complete the set, with various guest on saxophone, trumpet (great rendition of Tutti frutti à la Sonny Burgess) and various guest singer. The last song on this cd is a beautiful piece of rockabilly with just the voice, a light guitar and a strong slap bass. And, according to the liner notes, it’s only a rehearsal. A very well crafted record with various moods, sounds and stuff that will delight every Taggy Tones fans and gain them lot of new supporter.
Fred “Virgil” Turgis