The Foggy Mountain Rockers

The Foggy Mountain Rockers - Hang Him High
The Foggy Mountain Rockers – Hang Him High

The Foggy Mountain Rockers – Hang Him High

PART CD 627.001 [1998]
The Way Of Rock’n’Roll ~ I’m On The Run ~ Rheinland Rock’n’Roll ~ Long Blonde Hair ~ Blues Train To Hell ~ Country Roads ~ You Gonna Rock ~ Lonesome Teddyboy ~ Rock’n’Roll Will Never Die ~ Der Alptraum ~ Unchained Melody ~ Hang Him High ~ Noch’n Bier ~ Ghostriders In The Sky

Hang Him High was supposed to be the band’s first release but Pin-up, the original label, decided to cease releasing records once the recording finished. It’s only years later that Part got the rights and finally issued it, hence the subtitle “early recordings”. But “early” doesn’t mean “amateurish”. By the time of this recordings they’re already accomplished musicians (listen the guitar solos). They deliver a set of mostly original songs (including two in German) completed with four covers with the solid musical cocktail made of 2 parts teddy boy rock’n’roll, one part country and a dash of skiffle played with a no-nonsense approach. Sure it sounds a bit young compared to later albums where the band was more experienced and also benefited of a real studio and they sometimes try to catch a fish too big for them (Unchained Melody) but Hang Him High is nonetheless very pleasant. You can also hear that they worked hard on the vocal arrangements (Country Roads). Good debut.

The Foggy Mountain Rockers - Angel Heart
The Foggy Mountain Rockers – Angel Heart

The Foggy Mountain Rockers – Angel Heart

PART CD 627.009 [original release 1999 – reissue 2010]
Trouble ~ Hold Me Tight ~ All I Can Do Is Cry ~ Cats´ Rhythm ~ Teenage Paradise ~ Castin´ My Spell ~ Pioneers ~ El Diablo ~ Bopcat ~ Together Forever ~ Angel Heart ~ Dancing Shoes ~ Revenge Of The Innocent ~ Over The Rainbow ~ Wild Nights ~ Party By The Riverside ~ Drinkin´ Beer

First issued in 1999, “Angel Heart” the band’s second album appears here in a brand new mastered version and it’s a winner. This now well established German sextet plays Teddy Boy / British revival inspired rockabilly (think Shotgun, Riot Rockers, Crazy Cavan, Flying Saucers, Matchbox) with a solid dose of country music and even a bit of skiffle provided by the presence of a washboard player. Most of the songs are self penned with the accent put on the melodies. There’s also a few selected covers: Wayne Walker’s All I Can Do Is Cry, Johnny Kidd’s version of Casting My Spell, Cliff Richard’s Dancing Shoes and Gene Vincent Over The Rainbow (yes this Teddyboys have a heart beating under their leather jackets). Musically, the rhythm section is solid and provides the perfect ground for the two guitar players. Their solos are sharp and most of all originals. Those of you who are not stuck in a 50’s conception of the rockabilly thing will sure find a lot to enjoy on this great reissue.

The Foggy Mountain Rockers - Rock’n’Roll Philosophy
The Foggy Mountain Rockers – Rock’n’Roll Philosophy

The Foggy Mountain Rockers – Rock’n’Roll Philosophy


PART CD 627.008 [2011]
It`s Not Too Late To Be Wild – Pain Hurts – Be Apart – Teddy Boy Anthem – What You Waitin’ For, The Fog – Alone, Man`s Ruin – The Wanted Man In Black – Tender Days – Something Wrong With You – Teddy Boy Movement – Wanderin‘ Star – The Beat, Illuminati (instr.) – Rock’n’Roll Religion – She Brings Back The Wolf In Me – Don’t Break My Heart Again

With the exception of Crazy Cavan who is above all (and to quote the Foggy Mountain Rockers “It’s wild, it’s weird it’s crazy Cavan and he’s the pope”) the Foggy Mountain Rockers are of one today’s best Teddy Boy gang. They write solid originals played by first rate players with original ideas.
“Rock’n’Roll Philosophy” counts among their very best album. Just listen to the way the guitars interplay on “It’s Not to Late To Rock’n’Roll”, the harmonies on “Pain Hurts” or the melody of “Be Apart” (and strictly between us how many Teddy Boy group can you call “melodic”?). They alternate Rock’n’roll anthems built for the stage with mid tempos with equal pleasure. There’s also a lot of country stuff added to their music (“the Fog”), the western tinged “Illuminati” and a nicely done tribute to Johnny Cash.
Handle at your own risk, this is rock’n’roll music!

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

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