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Four Blazes (the)

Juil 21st, 2017 | By
The Four Blazes - © Pat Reyford

The Four Blazes were active in the early 80’s and featured Pat Reyford (Sugar Ray Ford)  on vocals and guitar, John Jobbagy on drums, Colin Cosimini on double bass and Steve Michael (vocals / guitar?). To my knowledge they only had one song (a cover of Slim and Slam’s Buck Dance Rhythm) released on the Northwood Story Vol….

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The Juke Joint Cruisers

Juil 16th, 2017 | By
The Juke Joint Cruisers - s/t

The Juke Joint Cruisers – s/t Juke Joint Records Hot Rod Guy – Juke Joint Jumpin’ – Nagging, Nagging – Road King – Tore Up – Diamond Ring – Your Love – Rhythm Rustler – The Last Petal – Latina Tina The Juke Joint Cruisers come from Colorado and they are Randy Watson (guitar and…

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Maibell and The Misfires

Juil 16th, 2017 | By
Maibell and The Misfires - Ride Along!

Maibell and The Misfires – Ride Along! El Toro ETCD6042 You’re Gonna Miss Him – Do The Stomp – In My Heart – Misery And Heartache – Sweet Love – So Far Away – Without You – Why Do I Love You? – Maybe Just A Little – This Ain’t Going Nowhere – My Kinda…

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Johnny Knife & the Rippers

Juil 16th, 2017 | By
Johnny Knife and the Rippers

Johnny Knife & the Rippers – Sinister Street Part Records Part CD 6102 [2012] Teddy Boy Five – Heads Or Tales – Break Up Today – Growl – My Old Man Is A Square – Be Bop Teddy Girl – Mysterious Night – Jack The Ripper – Don’t Take Your Love From Me – Riot…

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Ella and the Roosters

Juil 16th, 2017 | By
Ella and the Roosters - Miss A-Bomb

Ella and the Roosters – Miss A-Bomb Blue Lake Records 2009 Too Hot – Miss A-Bomb – Hands Off – No Reason To Go Home – Who Knows – I Can’t Stand It No More – I Really Really Love You – Whiskey & Gin – Roosters Love Call – Mole In The Hole –…

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The Polecats – I’ll Cry Instead

Juil 15th, 2017 | By

After a short (and well deserved) break I’m back. Expect to see some major updates on the site in the near future (at least a lot of reviews to be added.) To help you wait here’s a great version of the Beatles’ I’ll Cry Instead by the equally great Polecats. Enjoy.