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Paul Roman and The Prowlers,November 1988. Nick Peck-bass,Gavin Smith-drums.

Paul Roman and the Prowlers

In the second half of 1988 after Rob Peltier and Dave Hoy (respectively bass player and drummer of the Quakes) returned to Buffalo, USA. Paul Roman stayed in London and formed Paul Roman and the Prowlers with Nick Peck (of the Rattlers) on double bass and Gavin Smith on drums. The played a few gigs… Keep Reading

The Four Blazes - © Pat Reyford

Four Blazes (the)

The Four Blazes were active in the early 80’s and featured Pat Reyford (Sugar Ray Ford)  on vocals and guitar, John Jobbagy on drums, Colin Cosimini on double bass and Steve Michael (vocals / guitar?). To my knowledge they only had one song (a cover of Slim and Slam’s Buck Dance Rhythm) released on the Northwood Story Vol.… Keep Reading

The Whyos

Coming from New Jersey, The Whyos were Mike Girao (guitar), Tim Gorell (vocal), Brian Post (bass guitar) and Joe Geary (drums). They released an album on Dutch Rockhouse label in 1984  with additionnal musicians Mike Baumann (p) and Chris Galli (sax) who also appeared on stage with the band. They became very popular in New… Keep Reading

the Sprites

The Sprites (French Rockabilly band)

The Sprites (Philippe Servente – lead vocals, Pascal Guimbard – lead guitar, François Gadotti – double bass, Lionel Decaix – rhythm guitar, Red Dennis – drums) were a French rockabilly band that played between 1983 and 1986. Their sound was heavily influenced by Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps first albums. After a set in… Keep Reading

Peter Davenport

Peter Davenport & the Roof Raisers

Country: UK Genre: Rock’n’Roll Peter Davenport left the Stargazers in the Summer of 1982 and formed this band around 1984. The first line-up included Neil Barnet (vocals), Russell Gillam (double bass) John Tuck (drums quite possibly the same who played with Paul Fenech in Dynamite around 1978 and now with The Rapiers), Chris Gardner (piano, clarinet, sax)… Keep Reading

Krewmen (the)

The Krewmen started as a rockabilly band, then played the best rockin’ blues you could find in England in the early 80’s and finally evolved, under the influence of leader Tony McMillan into one of the most influential psychobilly band of the mid 80’s. It was worth an article, don’t you think. The rockabilly –… Keep Reading

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