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As Diabatz

As Diabatz – Ridin’ Through the Devil’s Hill Woman in white – Necrolove – Psychomad Mary – Wide awake – Under my own spell – Riding trough Devil’s hill – Witches stomp – We ain’t no Psychobitches – Summertime Booze – I don’t worry about it This young trio of Brazilian girls with their old… Keep Reading

Slick Andrews

Slick Andrews – Let’s Bear It Up With… WH07003.Wild Hare Records {2007} Beer It Up /Queen of the Honkytonk /Shot Down in Flames /Three Old Friends /Cut Out The Drama /Love’s Last Note /World’s Greatest Lover /Whisper You Love Me/Millionaire /Dance Floor Romance /The Dues This Fool Has Paid /She Drives Me Crazy Howdy all… Keep Reading

Al Foul

Al Foul – The One & Only Rock’n’Roll Purgatory RRP009 Flat Broke – Oh My Lover – Gonna Be A Fight – Wanted Man – Ruthless Information – Singing The Blues – 10 Bucks – Lonesome Tears – Bo-Wang – Ever Been Hit By A Flying Saucer – Dropping Quarters For Jane – Rock Island… Keep Reading

Accelerators (the)

The Accelerators – Let’s Turn It Up SDSMCD2010 {2010} Gonna Be With You – Sugaree – Donna The Prima Donna – Blue Days Black Nights – Let It Roll – Had To Let You Know – She Moves Me – Pretty Baby – Real Wild Child – Early In The Morning – Sleepwalk – Little… Keep Reading

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