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Toxaemia – Invasion Of The Rubber Dolls

Jungle Noise – APECALL 003 [1990]
Pig Headed Woman – Get Out You Crazy Bitch – Friday Night 8 P.M. – All Alone – I Still Love You – Space Invaders – Doll(e) Nellie – Defloration – You And I – Midnight Cruise – Down In Memphis – Badge Of The Assisin – Toxic Blood

Even if Psychobilly was not a commercial genre compared to mainstream music, it sold well enough to see labels sign bands, even when the musical level of those bands was not up to the standards one can expect from a recording project. One of those bands was Toxaemia, a combo from the Netherland whose line-up consisted of Marco ‘Bigfoot’ Emmerig (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Frank ‘Fried’ Jager (Double Bass) and Björn ‘Yeti’ Cremer Drums, Backing Vocals.
There are very few things to save from their debut album.
Their singer sings with a high-pitch and croaky voice; imagine Mark Phillips mixed with Olga of the Toy Dolls but with the talent of none.
The band is not better, especially the guitar player, who is particularly uninspired. The songs are predictable, and for a band that doesn’t have many ideas, they manage to record songs that go beyond the four-minute mark (and they seem even longer.)
The final result sounds more like a joke between friends than an actual album.

The Radioactive Kid

Chessnuts (the)

The Chessnuts – EP


NUTS – NUTS 001 [1989]
Lollipop Lover – Hungry For Your Lovin – Everlovin – Beyond The Sea

The Chessnuts were a Dutch band formed by Ronald Balten (vocal and double bass), Kees Stigter (vocal and lead guitar),  Jeroen Haagedoorn (vocal and rhythm guitar) and Jan Van Leeuwen (vocal and drums). This EP released in 1989 on their own Nuts Records contains four tracks. Danny Dill’s Hungry For Your Lovin’ is a traditional Rockabilly. They turn the Davis Sisters’ Everlovin into a soft Rockabilly tune with some doo-wop thrown in for good measure. Lollipop Lover (aka The Three Chuckles’ Cinnamon Sinner) and Beyond the Sea (Bobby Darin) show some jive influences and wouldn’t be out of place on a Keytones album.
Jan van Leeuwen later played with the Haystack Hi-Tones and Jess’n’Jill and the Sinners and both Kees Stigter and Jeroen Haagedoorn formed the Barnstompers.

Fred ‘Virgil’ Turgis

Honey Hush

honey hushHoney Hush – Honey Hush

Rockhouse Records – MLP 8418 [1985]
Nowhere Train – Rock-Itis – Getaway Girl – You’re the One that Done It – She’s so Fine – Pink and Black

Honey Hush came from the Netherlands and formed in the early ’80s. After one single included here, they released this mini-lp.
This is neo-rockabilly at its best.
The singer is excellent, the band is perfect (powerful slap bass and light guitar that takes you straight into the 80’s), and they have solid originals. They complete the set with two well-chosen covers: Thomas Wayne’s You’re The One That Done It and a live version of Sonny Fisher’s Pink and Black.
Furthermore, if the tone is mostly neo-rockabilly oriented, they’re not afraid to bring a bit of psychobilly with Nowhere Train or play in a more classical Rockabilly vein with She’s so Fine. They even add a bit of jazz (with brushed snare) on Rock-Itis. As a result, it gives a very varied mini album.
Moreover, the six-song format let no place for average tunes.
After these recordings, Honey Hush changed its name and became Archie.

Honey Hush – Getaway Gal

honey hushRockhouse Records – SP8305 [1983]
Getaway Gal – She’s so fine

Rockhouse records released this excellent debut single by this Dutch neo-rockabilly band in 1983. Getaway Gal features a superb guitar solo that is reminiscent of Mark Harman. B-side is more traditional.
Both songs will appear on their mini-lp.

Honey Hush
Honey Hush

Bugaloos (the)


The Bugaloos – In the Mood


Rockhouse Records – ROCKCD9318 [1993]

Rockabye Boogie – Most Of All – Be Bop Baby – Baby I Love You So – At The Old Town Hal – Love Me – Rocky Road Blues – In The Mood – Crazy Real Gone Blues – Bye Bye Blues – Frankie’s Out On Patrol – You Can Do No Wrong

The Bugaloos were a three piece female harmony band from the Netherland, featuring Lil’ Esther.
Their sound was a mix of “sisters” bands (Fontane, Davis, Dinning, Miller) as well as Nita, Rita and Ruby with a dash of Rockabilly à la Collins Kids thrown in for good measure.

In the Mood is their second album and benefits of the presence of Jelle aka Joe Sixpack (who later joined the Ranch Girls and the Ragtime Wranglers) on guitar. This guy is one the great masters of the Rockabilly guitar on the modern scene next to pickers like Deke Dickerson, TK Smith. He brings rockabilly to their swing and swing to their rockabilly.

All songs are covers but the band is good enough to always turn them into something new and interesting. Even an ear worm like In the Mood that makes me cringe even when played by Bob Wills is pleasant here. But how could you resist to the charm produced by the sweet voices of those three girls.
From Hillbilly bop with a hint of western swing to a sweet ballad with Rockabilly in between and a bit of jazz, you’ll sure enjoy this moment with the Bugaloos.

After the Bugaloos disbanded Esther and Marga formed Jess’n’Jill & the Sinners before singing as a solo act. Read more about all that here.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

The Bugaloos with Lil Esther
The Bugaloos


Es-Feiv was a Dutch neo-rockabilly/psychobilly trio. They started as a punk band in 1980 with Patrick van Reijn and three friends (Paul – bass, Dirk – vocals and Henk – drums). In 1982 Henk left, Paul switched to drums and Jeroen Kruiswijk came in to play bass, but two years later the band split. They reunited in 1986 to do a Ramones-tribute tour, but in 1987 Paul left and once again the band split. Es Feiv came back in 1988 with Patrick (guitar), Jeroen (this time on double bass) and newcommer Dennis on drums with this time neo-rockabilly and psychobilly in mind. One month later they recorded the now sought after (only 500 copies were made) “Nous Nous Ok” ep (Play Loud! – TBS 4505). Denis, busy with other bands, left and was replaced by Arjan, Jeroen’s younger brother. Numerous gigs led to a contract with Rockhouse/KIX4U and 1989 saw the release of “Cows In Motion” (KIX 4 U Records – KIX 3347). Then, Patrick who couldn’t combine his job with the band stopped playing and Tom Van Houten replaced him on guitar. The new trio wrote and rehearsed new material, played it on stage, but the band broke up before the new album (planned to be called “Johnny’s Neighbourhood”) saw the light of day.

Es Feiv - Cows in Motion
Es Feiv – Cows in Motion

Es-Feiv – Cows in Motion

Kix 4U {1989}
The Prisoner – No Comin’ Back – Brand New Cadillac – Heart Breakin’ Days – She Turns Me On – Ain’t Takin’ No Train – Everything She Says -Move Your Buds – Be My Baby Tonight – Vendetta – Real Good Time – Cretin Hop – Gimme Your Love – Cows In Motion

I recently rediscovered this album (originally released in 1989) and though it’s not entirely good, it contains enough excellent moment to interest any Psychobilly maniac especially those who are into what is now called “old-school Psychobilly” (I don’t like the term but I believe that everyone understand what it means). So what about Es-Feiv? It’s a mix of good ol’ psychobilly, neo rockabilly and more average material. They sound like many bands of that era (light guitar, upright bass to the fore and simple but effective drums). Among the best tune you’ll find “Heartbreakin’ Days” (with a sax), “Brand New Cadillac” (inspired by the ricochets version), “Real Good Time” (an excellent neo-rockabilly tune with a little “rock this Town” feel in it), “Cows In Motion” (an psychobilly version of an Ennio Morricone tune) and a couple of others (No Comin’ Back). On the other side their cover of The Ramones’ Cretin Hop (a reminiscence of their Punk days?) is poor, but it’s hard to compete with the original, and some other songs are just fillers, and though the light production works on the good stuff, it reveals the flaws of the less successful material. A mini lp with 8 songs would have been more efficient.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Es-Feiv ‎– Nous Nous O.K. ...
Es-Feiv ‎– Nous Nous O.K. …

Es-Feiv ‎– Nous Nous O.K. …

Play Loud! ‎– TBS 4505 {1988}`
She’s Allright – Cynthia – Real Good Time – She Turns Me On – No Protection

Limited ep (500 copies). It features ealier versions of Real Good Time and She Turns me On.

Es Feiv

The Tinstars

The Tinstars

The Tinstars
The Tinstars

Coming from Holland, The Tinstars led by singer-guitarist Rick De Bruijn are now rocking the nation and more for almost 20 years. They rocked in Green Bay, bopped at Hemsby, turned Switzerland wild and stormed the Rockabilly Rave. By themselves or when they backed Lil Esther, Ronnie Dawson or Joe Clay to name but a few, they never failed to entertain!
Rick was kind enough to answer some questions for us, thanks to him.

by Fred “Virgil” Turgis

How did you get hooked by the music bug and rock’n’roll in particular?
The Tinstars Well… Some of my older brothers already listened to this kind of music for a long time… The classic Vincent, Cochran, Elvis stuff. And of course the Tielman brothers and my mother had some Marty Robbins, Frankie Laine records as all mothers have and we had radio Caroline. They played this kinda music from day one. I was hooked at it on a very early age.Are the Tinstars your first venture in a band?
No before that I played bass in The Longhorn trio with my nephew Erik and Arnold from the Hillbilly Boogiemen. We even recorded 2 songs for an compilation record.

When and how did the band start?
The Tinstars Me, Tjarco and Peter started the band around 83 as The Tinstar trio you know : 2 guitars and a slap bass.

The Tin Star Trio
The Tin Star Trio

What were your influences when you started?
The Tinstars As my oldest brother is a huge record collector he quickly came up with this tapes with obscure rockabilly on it (White Label and Redita records stuff) which we start to cover giving it the Tinstar treatment. But I would say Joe Clay and Ronnie Self knocked me out and still do.

And what are you listening today?
The Tinstars Now I listen to a lot of country music. I always did but more often lately. Mainly Lefty frizzel who is my number one hero.

Do you remember a record or a gig that changed your life (well it’s maybe a strong word but you see what I mean, something that made you think “Wow that’s it!!”)
The Tinstars Yes seeing the Blue cats in France in 83 and hearing Don Cavalli putting his soul in some Charlie Feathers songs in France (with 2 Tinstars backing him) made me almost cry! Nobody’s better than the Don. Yeah and the Sundowners (Carl Sonny Leyland) in Slagharen! The Riverside trio too…

That’s a great band, I really like them…
The Tinstars We played with them on Hemsby… Strange guys!

How did you get the name, by the way?
The Tinstars It comes from the movie The Tinstar with Henry Fonda. It’s from 1956 or 57. And the director is the same as High Noon although we didn’t realise it then. When we needed a name i just saw the movie on television! 20 years AGO!! I liked the movie and the name… so… Tinstar trio and later we changed that to the Tinstars!

You even had a trumpet player…
The Tinstars Yay! The trumpet player! We had him to do all the Sonny burgess stuff. He was a roadie. We did that 15 years ago… Good fun! REDHEADED WOMAN…!! Hahaha means a lot more now then 15 years ago..

How did this changes influence your sound and the evolution of the band?
The Tinstars Well I dont think the sound of the band changed that much we are a lot older so we do a little less rolling on the floor! Good thing, it saves me money from the dry cleaner but we still are pretty wild I have to say

Netherlands had a very big rockin’ scene in the late 80’s with a lot of rockabilly, neo-rockabilly, psychobilly bands and labels. How is it today?
The Tinstars Not as big but still very fanatic in a way I didn’t see it changed that much. I think it is similar to France you know? Not as big but sure still there!!

As the Tinstars, you sometime back rockabilly legends. How do you approach that? Do you play the songs note for note or do you try to bring the Tinstars’ touch?
The Tinstars Man we sure did so many to name them, around 16 I guess… We always tried to lift them up to go wild the Tinstar way and we succeed doing it many a times! You should have seen us with Joe Clay!! We used 2 drummers, as on some of his recordings. We were supposed to back up Jimmy Wages but he passed away 3 weeks before the show..

Did you record with some of them?
The Tinstars No only with Ronnie Dawson. As the Tinstars are not very fund of recording studios! hahaha

In the list of artists you backed, who thrilled you the most?
The Tinstars I have to say Joe Clay and Rudy Grayzell. Great guys… We had a lot of fun with these two DUCKTAIL cats.

I’ve seen a clip on youtube of The Tinstars playing with Rip Carson. He seems really wild on stage, is he easy to work with?
The Tinstars Jeff (Rip) is a dear friend that we backed up about 10 times. A nice dude, talented boy, and fun to hang out with. If we can reach him that is hahaha. He is probably shaving his beard off.

TinstarsDo you have a particular artist you’d love to make a duet with or simply meet him?
The Tinstars Yes..with (again) Don Cavalli. He is my dear buddy and he is the best… at least for me that is. We played with him and when this guy starts singing and strums his guitar. MAN! And I wouldn’t mind to hang out with Jerry Lee to have a drink with!! (or two).

Tell us a bit about your records. I know about an album out as the Tin Star Trio on Rockhouse now reissued on Rarity. Do you have any other recordings?
The Tinstars Uuuhh that album is 20 years old hahaha. We recorded 4 songs for an upcoming E.P “Take me to that place” and we are going to record an album for Empire Records soon but right now we are working on Lil Esthers new c.d. We recorded the songs for that already (with songs from Big Sandy, Don Cavalli and John Lewis on it)

Do you play on vintage equipment?
The Tinstars I’am a collector of that stuff for a long time tube stuff, amps, recorders, mixers, mikes etc. Old instruments too but on stage we use the reissue stuff for the amplifiers. I packed it all up now, but going to use it in the near future for sure.

What are your plans for the future?
The Tinstars To continue what we are doing I guess… and to concentrate on recording more.

A last word?
The Tinstars Thanks for talking to me Fred! I enjoyed it, I really did.
The Tinstars are still going strong and that without a website, myspace or sending this Newsletters out! Never change a winning team(?)