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Terry Earl

The Dynamite Band

The Dynamite Band ‎– Rockin’ Is Our Business

Ace ‎– CH 53 [1982]
The Big Beat – Tonight’s The Night – Red For Danger – Hot Footín – Hot Banana – I Want You To Be My Baby – Rockin’ Is Our Business – Latin Time – Tribute To Bill Haley – Hot Rod – Let ’Em Roll – Take One

The Dynamite Band was a powerful six-piece Rock’n’roll combo influenced by Bill Haley, Freddie Bell, Jimmy Cavallo, and the British bands like Tony Crombie.
The members were Terry Earl (Flying Saucers) on drums, Roger Cover (The Flames) on bass and vocals, Jacko Buddin (Flying Saucers) on sax, guitar, piano and vocals, Clive Osborne (the Blue Cats Trio and later Clive Jive’s Five and the Stargazers) on sax, Ray Irwin (later known as Ray Gelato with the Chevalier Brothers and the Giants of Jive) on sax, and Dave (last name unknown) on guitar.
Such a line-up gave them quite a massive sound and a lot of versatility. One can only regret that they didn’t write more originals (only three that are very good) and choose instead to stick to covers of Jimmy Cavallo, the Treniers, Tony Crombie, Bill Haley, Hal Singer, etc. It wouldn’t be such a problem if those covers wouldn’t be that close (too close?) to the originals.
Despite this incredible team of musicians, the result is a pleasant album that lacks the ardor and the originality of the first Stargazers album released the previous year.

Fred ‘Virgil’ Turgis

Raw Deal (Paul Fenech, Nigel Lewis, Pat Panioty and Terry Earl)

Raw Deal - Pat Panioty, Paul Fenech, Nigel Lewis and Terry Earl.
Raw Deal – Pat Panioty, Paul Fenech, Nigel Lewis and Terry Earl.

Though Raw Deal lasted less than a year a performed something like 15 or 20 gigs together they remain a very important band in the burgeoning rockabilly scene of the late 70’s.
Raw Deal (named after the Junior Thompson’s song whose band was named… the Meteors) formed after Rock Therapy disbanded in mid 1979. Rock Therapy was Paul Fenech (guitar, vocals), Nigel Lewis (bass, guitar), Steve Burrough (guitar), Pete Taylor (guitar) and Rob Glazebrook (drums). Burrough and Taylor were the first to leave and soon Glazebrook announced he no longer wanted to play drums but guitar instead.
Through Nick Garrard Lewis and Fenech met Terry Earl who had left Flying Saucers. Earl brought Pat Panioty (who played in the Phantom and previously Rebound) and the Raw Deal was born.
All those who saw them were very impressed but sadly they never had a record out.
By all accounts they were very raw,  savage and wild, with Fenech and Lewis pushing the boundaries of traditionnal rockabilly which eventually led Terry Earl to leave in the first half of 1980 soon followed by Panioty.
Pat Panioty went on to form the Deltas, Earl joined the Dynamite band then the Rapiers and the Avengers and Fenech and Lewis recruited Mark Robertson and the Meteors were born. The rest, as they say, is history.