Slick Andrews

Slick Andrews - Let's Beer It Up
Slick Andrews – Let’s Beer It Up

Slick Andrews – Let’s Bear It Up With…

WH07003.Wild Hare Records {2007}
Beer It Up /Queen of the Honkytonk /Shot Down in Flames /Three Old Friends /Cut Out The Drama /Love’s Last Note /World’s Greatest Lover /Whisper You Love Me/Millionaire /Dance Floor Romance /The Dues This Fool Has Paid /She Drives Me Crazy
Howdy all y’all… gather around folks and listen to the good ol’ Long Tall telling you the story of a country boy comin’ from Texas. That son-of-a-gun hard corn liquor drinker, smoker and look alike Hank Penny Slick Andrews was layin’out one night with a bunch of purdy nussin’ honky-tonk angels, sittin’ snug as a bug and relaxing in his regular juke-joint listening to some tear jerking honky-tonkin’ song on the juke-box while drinking his favourite long-neck boozin’n’fresh beer. Then in this place hotter than a June bride, the walking on a slant cow-boy suddenly stood up like he was hittin’ by lightning (a white one of course) and yell “You’re Darn Tootin’, that stuff’s so good it makes you wanna jump up and slap yo’ mama!” I wanna be a singer and play some honky-tonk and hot hillbilly jumpy as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs. I wanna sing some songs about beer, honky-tonk angels, dancin’ and love ». The rag-babies as surprised as if a sheep had bit ‘em stare at Slick like he‘s mad as a mule chewing on bumblebees while he was running out of the joint like the house is afire and jumpin’ in his car to drive pedal to metal until he hit the Wild Hare Records building…

Well, I’m not quiet sure this is the way it really happened but it easily could had been, so much that dude sounds and looks like he’s comin’ right from the late forties-early fifties in a Time Machine. Slick is bringing with him some great self penned hillbilly, western-swing, honky-tonk and rockabilly songs and a first class rockin’ band called “the Wild Hare Millionaires”(Buck Stevens, John Bozarth, Eddie Macintosh, Dave Moore, Mark Pettijohn).As me you will surely love all of these “a little bit of everything” 12 songs in a “Let’s Beer it Up” album full of rolling piano (the eponymous song), twangy (“Shot Down in Flames”) and rockabilly guitar (“Cut Out The Drama” and the very soundalike Johnny Horton “Dance Floor Romance”) steel-guitar in a tearjerkin’ honky-tonk style (“Three Old Friends”, “Love’s Last Note” and especially “Whisper You Love” which reminds me of Hank Williams), slappin’ bass (the “Millionaire” instrumental) wild screams and rockin’ drums (“She Drives Me Crazy”) and, indeed, western swingin’ sound (“World’s Greater Lover”). I’m sur the old Hank would have agree with me to say “I got a hot rod Ford and a two dollar bill and I know a spot right over the hill there’s Slick ‘s band and the beer is free so if you wanna have fun come along with me….

Long Tall David

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