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Slingshots (the)

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Slingshots - Feels so right
Slingshots – Feels so right

The Slingshots – Feels So Right!

Raucous Records RAUCD 040
Say When ~ Steamhammer Jones ~ Blue Eyed Country Gal ~ Ride That 95 ~ All The Time ~ The Pain Has Gone ~ Feels So Right ~ Slim’s Rag ~ Landlord Blues ~ Party On The Moon ~ Dole Cheque Thursday ~ You Can Do No Wrong ~ Drunken Blues ~ That Gal Of Mine ~ Jezebel

The Slingshots formed in the mid 80’s and were associated to the Northwood label home of Red Hot’n’Blue, Riverside Trio and the Blue Rhythm Boys and other great acts. They released two songs on Big Noise from Northwood then more or less vanished though a couple more songs later resurfaced on the Northwood Story (NV Records) in 1991. Finally, nearly twenty years later, in 1999, with a new bass player they found a new peak of creativity and they released their debut album for Raucous.
This drummerless trio plays rockabilly for the majority of songs including many originals with influences from Pat Cupp, Sun records, Carl Perkins whom they cover two songs and Meteor records.But they doesn’t limit themselves to Rockabilly and you’ll also find hillbilly bop and blues too (most notably the excellent The Pain Has Gone) with some songs featuring a fourth member on harmonica.
Though it’s not credited on the booklet I believe it’s been recorded on vintage equipment at Riverside studio by Chris Cummings of the Riverside Trio as they had songs from this album on the Riverside Rockabilly sampler.
Highly recommended!.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

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