Stray Cats

Stray Cats, neo-Rockabilly legends, formed in 1979, by Brian Setzer on guitar and vocals, Lee Rocker on double bass and Slim Jim

Pike Cavalero

Pike Cavalero – Love Missile F1-11 Sleazy Records SR226 [2021]Love Missile F1-11 / Little Lonely Summer Girl Pike Cavalero’s latest single features

Lucky Jones

Lucky Jones – This Ain’t Memphis Farraday RecordsRunaround Blues – L.A. Woman – Don’t Say So Long – Hammer Down – This

The B-Shakers

The B-Shakers – Shaker Attack Part Records – PART-CD 6130.001 [2021]When I Mess Around (With You) – Rocket Gal – Shaker Attack

Pat Capocci (reviews)

Pat Capocci – Hot Hot Heat Sleazy Records – SR169Hot Hot Heat / Where the Eagles Fly Released in 2019 on Sleazy

The Swingin’ Black Jacks

The Swingin’ Black Jacks – Four Hot Tracks!!! Self-released [2020]Little Redhead – I Love you So – Never Go Out To Play

Whiskey Jean

Whiskey Jean feat. John O’Malley – My Little Miss Malleycat Records [2021]My Little Miss – You’re my Heaven – Shotgun Daddy –

Scotty McKay

Scotty McKay – Rocks Bear Family BCD 17519Rollin’ Dynamite – Tommy & The Tom Toms: Baby Let’s Play House – The Girl


Juke Box Pearls

Ruth Brown – Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean Bear Family Records BCD17542This Little Girls Gone Rockin’ – Lucky Lips – Hello


Colin Hicks

Colin Hicks – Sexy Rock Bear Family – BCD 17582 [2020]Giddy Up A Ding Dong – Empty Arms Blues – Wild Eyes


Les Vierges

Les Vierges – Aux Mains Des Mongolo Boppers Monsieur Vinyl Records – MVR 006 [1984]Kill Kill Bop – Les Martiens Attaquent /


Sting Rays (the)

Sting Rays (the) – On Self Destruct Big Beat Records SW82 [1983]Dinosaur – Math of trend / Another Cup Of Coffee –


Delmonas (the)

Delmonas (the) – Hello, We Love You! The Big Beat EPs Big Beat Records 10WIK 348 [2021]Comin’ Home Baby – Chains –


Ripsaw records

Jim Kirkhuff and Jonathan “the Spider” Strong formed Ripsaw in 1976.Their legacy may seem small in terms of releases (nine singles, two


Wormtone Records

Wormtone records was a Denver based label ran by Kurt Ohlen & Karen Brown who were also behind the Denver’s Rock N’


Alligator Records

Alligator Records (not to be confused with the blues label of the same name) was a British rockabilly label based in North


Sonovabitch records

Sonovabitch records was a subsidiary label of Count Orlock (based in Holland) exclusively dedicated to release Meteors and related stuff (they had