Adam and his Nuclear Rockets

Adam and His Nuclear Rockets
Adam and His Nuclear Rockets

Adam and his Nuclear Rockets – Little Piece of Souvenir

El Toro Records ETCD 6041 {2009}
Call Shout Scream – Can’t Run Away From You – Blue For A Day – I Gotta Have You – All You Left Behind – Crazy legs – Your First Kiss – No Other Baby – Say No More – Park Outside – Little Piece Of Souvenir – Fear – El Toro Star – I’m Gonna Take My Baby Dancing – I’m Crazy (Alt)

Adam and His Nuclear Rockets (what a name!) are a hot traditionnal rockabilly band coming from Croatia. It’s very good to see that bands from all around the world carry on the torch of good old music. Each adding his bit to the history. Back to the band. Recorded live at the famous Lightning Records in Berlin, these 13 originals and 2 covers have everything to please any true rockabilly fans: wild songs but a sense for catchy melodies, great guitar licks and their lyrics ain’t bad (they are included in the booklet). Three songs feature a steel guitar adding a nice hillbilly boogie feel. I personally think you can judge the talent of a band in their way to write ballads. With “Little Piece of Souvenir”, on which they are helped by the harmony vocals of the Mellow Men, they easily pass the test. Another song (El Toro Star a tip of the hat to their label) has a slight Charlie Feathers feel (with hiccups) but they have their own sound and way of playing. Follow these guys closely. Also available as a beautiful gatefold lp.

Available at cdbaby.
Fred “Virgil” Turgis

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