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Bird Doggin Daddies

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birddoggindaddiesBird Doggin Daddies – We Got the Bug!

Rhythm Bomb RBR5747 [2013]
We’re Gonna Rock It – Better Be Gone – Crazy Crazy Lovin’ – Headin’ South – Do The Bop Bop Bop – Let’s Go Crazy – Crossbone Jim Mystery Lane – Bird Dog – I Ruined My Suit – Daddy-O Rock – Lonely Blue Boy – Morse Code – Let’s Go For A Ride – I Got The Bug – Too Much Lovin’ Going On – Lil’ Pretty Miss – Sugar Coated Love – I Ruined My Suit

Are you in need for some Rockabilly? I mean REAL Rockabilly, the one that grabs you, moves you and sends shivers down your spine, the one that was played back in the fifties. Don’t look any further the second album of the Bird Doggin Daddies is EXACTLY what you’re looking for.
I strongly suspect this quartet to have invented in their basement a time machine they used to go back in the fifties to record their album in the studio that gave birth to this great music. The other solution is that they carefully listened to all the pioneers… hum that’s an eventuality. Whatever the solution the Bird Doggin Daddies used the result is a perfect Rockabilly album. The sound and the production are top notch and so is the musicianship. Take the rhythm section: how many Rockabilly records are wasted by interfering drums (too loud, too present…) Here, the balance between the snare, the bass and the slap is flawless. Once you achieved that the rest is easy, you just have to add a powerful voice and a skilful guitarist, et voila, that’s it.
The covers they play come from Don Woody, Luke McDaniel, Johnny Carrol, Conway Twitty, Derrell Felts and are excellent, both respectful and personnal. But what really stands out are their originals. In fact, they could easily be mistaken with covers.
They got the bug but it’s just a question of time for you to get it too.

Now guys, about this time machine, could we find an arrangement? I’d really like to see Buddy Holly on stage….

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

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