Sonovabitch records

sonovabitch records

Sonovabitch records was a subsidiary label of Count Orlock (based in Holland) exclusively dedicated to release Meteors and related stuff (they had one P. Paul Fenech solo album out).

7″ single

  • Meteors  – Chainsaw boogie – ROTT 90017

12″ EPs

  • Meteors – Chainsaw boogie – ROTT 90011

12″ LP’s

  • Meteors – Madman roll – ROTT 90021
  • Meteors – Demonopoly – ROTT 90041
  • Paul Fenech – The Rocking Dead – ROTT 90051

CD singles

  • Meteors – Chainsaw boogie – ROTT 90012
  • Meteors – Who do you love? – ROTT 90032
  • Meteors – Hell ain’t hot enough for me! – ROTT 90082


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