JP Mc Dermott & Western Bop

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JP Mc Dermott - Last Fool Here
JP Mc Dermott

JP Mc Dermott & Western Bop – Last Fool Here

Shower-Tone Records
My Damn Baby – Do I Love You – Cry Cry Cry – Coulda Shoulda Woulda -Not Enough of You – Blue Days, Black Nights – Lucky Stars – Sixteen Chicks – Go Cat Go! – Heartaches for a Dime – That Ain’t Nothin’ But Right – Last Fool Here
JP Mc Dermott is one hell of a singer – he has been voted “Country vocalist of the year” by the Washington Area Music Association – and backed by talented and competent musicians of the Washington area like Bob Newcaster (Tex Rubinowitz, Billy Hancock and more recently Dagmar & The Seductones) he produced a album rich in styles and genres.
Whatever the kind of rockin’/roots stuff you like, you’ll find one here for you : from wild and fast paced rockabilly (the first song “My Damn Baby” that is a real killer or the cover of “16 Chicks”), a bluesy song with a hot greasy sound on the guitar (Do I Love You), or some classic country (Cash’s Cry Cry Cry) and honky tonk (Harlan Howard’s Heartache for a Dime). “Go Cat Go” is an instant hymn for all the rockabilly cats and would have made Carl Perkins proud. “Lucky Stars”, a song also played by Dagmar And The Seductones, is a fine rockabilly tune that shows the influence of the great Buddy Holly.. The kid from Lubbock is also represented with “Blue Days, Black Nights”, a nice rendition with perfect harmony vocals. On the slow side “Not Enough Of You” is a beautiful ballad but the real gem has been kept to end the album : “Last Fool Here”, a soulful waltz with a 60’s country feel. Backed by just a piano and a light rhythm section, the amazing voice of Mc Dermott could make the strongest man in the world cry.
Fred “Virgil” Turgis