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Paul Roman and the Prowlers

Août 23rd, 2017 | By
Paul Roman and The Prowlers,November 1988. Nick Peck-bass,Gavin Smith-drums.

In the second half of 1988 after Rob Peltier and Dave Hoy (respectively bass player and drummer of the Quakes) returned to Buffalo, USA. Paul Roman stayed in London and formed Paul Roman and the Prowlers with Nick Peck (of the Rattlers) on double bass and Gavin Smith on drums. The played a few gigs…

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The Quakes

Juil 4th, 2016 | By
The Quakes - Planet Obscure

The Quakes – Planet Obscure ORREXX – REXX005 [2012] Dark shadows – Die too young – Promise – It’s a curse – Streets are so lonely – Don’t follow me – This night – Wildcat – You’re a joke – Anti social girl – Festa do estica e puxa – All about you After 25…

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Quakes (the)

Juin 29th, 2014 | By
The Quakes - Chris Van Cleve, Paul Roman and Rob Peltier

The Quakes are one of the first (if not the first) american psychobilly band. Like their compatriot the Stray Cats they crossed the sea to find fame in Europe where by the time the psychobilly scene was growing bigger and bigger. Roy williams and Nervous record quickly signed them and released their first album, which…

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