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The Red Velvet Trio – Million Tears

Tombstone Records TOMB-CD 2007 [1992]
Million Tears – Wild Boy – Crazy Night – Miriam – Hairy Upperlip Song – Ugly Twins – Ringelingeling – That’s Enough – Wheelchair Boogie – Bad Breath – I Want You Now – What Can I Do

Red Velvet trio

If you dig your Neo-Rockabilly with a jive beat, look no further; the Red Velvet Trio is the band for you. This German trio, Led by Claudius Wolke (ex-Magnetics) on vocals and double bass with Markus Wietholt on drums and Marcus Rettig on guitar, rips through a set of twelve originals that are sure to please fans of Restless and the Ringlets Trio. The setlist is very well-balanced, alternating tempos, melodies and styles, going from the wild Neo-rockabilly of That’s Enough to the Jazzabilly of Ringelingeling. The production is flawless, and each instrument is perfectly highlighted.

The Red Velvet Trio – Let’s Dance, Let’s Dance

Tombstone Records TOMB-CD 2017 [1992]
Friendship – Got Me, Got You – It Only Depends On A Moment – Pretty Faces – Rockin’ Guitar – Travellin Around The World – Looser All Down The Line – Hanging Jugs – Farmer Boys – Three Leg Man – Don’t Play With Me – How To Loose

Red Velvet Trio

The second album by the Red Velvet Trio takes more or less the same ingredients as their debut album. But who will complain when it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. The set list mixes fast Neo-rockabilly akin to Restless with mellower tunes in the style of the Keytones (It Only Depends On A Momen) or the Ringlets Trio, more moody songs in between (Traveling Around The World) and some jazz chords thrown in for good measure (Farmer Boys).Once again, the musicianship is top-notch throughout, and the production is outstanding.

The Red Velvet trio on Spotify.

Rumble records

Rumble records

rumble records

Rumble records was a German label based in Bochum. They specialized in Psychobilly and Rockabilly.

7″ singles

12″ EP’s

12″ LP’s


Vinyl Frontier

Vinyl Frontier was a sub-label of Rumble records for vinyl reissues.

Black Lagoon

BL001 and BL002 were released with Black Lagoon fanzine.
BL003, BL004 and BL005 were released with Demon Love fanzine.

Various – Black Lagoon No. 1 – The Skateboard-Killer – BL001 [1991]
Various – Black Lagoon No. 2 – Empty-Rooms – BL002 [1992]
Various – Black Lagoon No. 3 – Eddie’s Return – BL003 [1992]
Various – Black Lagoon No. 4 – German Billies – BL004 [1993]
Various – Black Lagoon Vol. 5 – BL005 [1994]

Blue Velvet (Ringlets Trio)

Blue Velvet - Rockabilly Trio
Blue Velvet – Rockabilly Trio

Blue Velvet – Rockabilly Trio

Rumble Records – RUMBCD019
Sixteen Chicks – Something I Said – Tennessee Zip – I’m Headin’ Home – Slippin’ Out ‘N’ Sneakin’ In – Baby I Don’t Care – Midnight Shift – Little Red Waggon – Ballin’ Keen – Long Blond Hair – Rock ‘N’ Roll Ruby -New Girl Friend – Wishing

Blue Velvet was a side project of Gunnar Fick of the Ringlets Trio. hey were gunnar Fick (double bass), Klaus Treude (guitar) and Christof Woller (drums). They recorded this album in 1992 and it was released three years later. The songs are mostly well-known covers and the sound is similar to the Ringlets Trio with some Psychobilly influences on a couple of numbers.
Far from being essential.

See also Ringlets Trio and Honky Tonk Pounders.

Honky Tonk Pounders


Honky Tonk Pounders - Devil Bop
Honky Tonk Pounders – Devil Bop

Honky Tonk Pounders – Devil Bop

Part Records PART-CD 641 002 [2010]
Devil Bop – Sea Of Tears – Bad Hair Boogie – Lovesick Fool – Freight Train Running – Hot Rod – I Know That You Love me – Boom Boom – let’s Get Rockin’ – You’re The One – Righttime To Rock – Rockabilly Pearl – Bad Luck – 6th Street Rumble – Sweet Innocent.

The Honky Tonk Pounders are a German rockabilly trio featuring Gunnar Fick of the Ringlets Trio. They formed in 1996 but this is only their second release, so you can see this guys take their time when it comes to go into the studio. Actually only five songs are totally new. Ten of the fifteen songs here have already appeared on a 10” mini album but it’s good to have them on cd format. The result is a solid set of 15 originals with varied styles. The backbone of this collection is made of wild and mean rockabilly (Devil Bop, Rockabilly Pearl), with some country ballads (Sea Of Tears and You’re The One with a steel), Gene Vincent styled rockabilly (Hot Rod), neo Rockabilly that takes you back to the Ringlets Trio days (Boom Boom), boogie (Bad Hair Boogie that features a piano), blues (6th Street Rumble).
The Honky Tonk Pounders influences comes from the classic rockabilly masters (Burnette, Perkins) as well as today’s bands : Freight train Running shares a similar riff to Deke Dickerson’s Wear Out The Sole Of My Shoes, I Know That You Love Me strongly made me think of Big Sandy’s Thru Dreamin’ and you can hear a Derailers influence in Bad Luck.
Fick whose prowess on the slap bass with the Ringlets Trio never ceased to amaze, proves he’s also a very good guitar player and the other two members provide a strong rhythm.
All of these contribute to make a highly enjoyable album.

Fred “Virgil” Turgis

The Ringlets Trio


The Ringlets Trio - For Daily Use
The Ringlets Trio – For Daily Use

The Ringlets Trio – For Daily Use

Part Records, PART-CD 657.001 [2003]
Who’s That Girl – Love Bug Crawl – Straight Ahead – Mobile Alabama – Come On Kitty – Angelina – This Heart Of Mine – I’m Coming Home – 2 Tone Shoes – Do The Bop – My Only One – Why Did You Leave Me – Top Of The World – I Need Her So – Baby Take Me Back – Break Some Rules

After a long hiatus (nearly 10 years) the Ringlets Trio (Gunnar Fick, Lead Vocals & Upright Bass – Ulrich van der Schoor, Backing Vocals & Guitar and Christof Woller, Drums & Percussion) returns with a more traditional sounding album featuring some very good songs ranging from hillbilly bop with steel guitar (Straight Ahead and Top of the World) to Latin influenced tune like Angelina with plenty of rockin’ in between.
After “Brand New Beat” that saw them going a bit too far away from the “Ringlets sound” and “Rockabilly Favorite” that wasn’t really an album, it’s fine to see them return in fine form to something closer, but more modern and with expanded influences, to what the band used to play. To compare what the band accomplished listen to “Why did you leave me” on this album and the earlier version that appeared on “Be Aware”.

The Ringlets Trio - Rockabilly Favorites
The Ringlets Trio – Rockabilly Favorites

The Ringlets Trio – Rockabilly Favorites

Rumble – RUMBCD032  [1996]
Your Baby Blue Eyes –  I’m Sittin’ On The Top Of The World – Mambo Rock – Who Slapped John? – Route 66 – Lonesome Train – Race With The Devil – Twenty Flight Rock – Right Behind You Baby –  Baby Let’s Play House – Rock Therapy – That’s Right – Rain – Caldonia

The title says it all. Fourteen rockabilly classics played by the Ringlets Trio. If some are pleasant and even good (Lonesome Train, Right Behind You) others, especially the slowest numbers, are just average, especially the vocals that is not always in tune.
Far from being essential.

The Ringlets Trio - Brand New Beat
The Ringlets Trio – Brand New Beat

The Ringlets Trio – Brand New Beat

Rumble – RUMBCD032  [1994]
Honky Tonk Blues Talk To Me Like The Rain Sugar Bee Fell Damn Low Give Me All Your Lovin’ Hey Girl Drifting In Your Arms Bullfrog Blues Crazy Legs  – She’s Fine Homeless

“Brand new beat”; it’s written on it, so if you think you’ll find on this platter the jivin’-doo-wop-neo-rockabilly that you used to expect from the Ringlets Trio you’re bound to be disapointed. The band changed their style with a fuller sound, a heavy production, pounding drums, and guest instruments (accordion, piano, organ, lap steel…). They remain true to roots music but with a definitive modern approach not far from the Blasters ranging from electrified country to rockin’ blues with zydeco in between. For example their cover of Hank Williams’ Honky Tonk Blues sounds more like Dwight Yoakam than the Lovesick Blues Boy.
Very different from the “old” Ringlets trio but quite good.

The Ringlets Trio - Rocks/Big Apple Jive
The Ringlets Trio – Rocks/Big Apple Jive

The Ringlets Trio – Rocks/Big Apple Jive

Rumble 003
Down Town Girl ~ 6-5 Jive ~ Burnin’ Baby ~ Bad Dreams ~ The Only Way ~ Shake Your Moneymaker ~ House Is Rockin’ ~ Don’t Stay Gone Long ~ Flyin’ Saucers Rock ‘n’ Roll ~ She’s The One ~ Latch On ~ Rock ‘n’ Roll Jump ‘n’ Jive ~ Big Apple Jive ~ My Only One ~ London ~ Blood On Her Fingers ~ Train ~ Cover Girl ~ I Can’t Go On ~ Don’t Waste Your Time ~ Crazy Legs ~ Stranger In Town.

This cd of the Ringlets Trio gathers the first and the third albums recorded by this German band respectively in 1988 and 1990.
Big Apple Jive, the first one, is included as a bonus in the second part of the record (tracks 13 to 22). It contains its dose of uptempo neo-rockabilly with slap bass to the fore (Train) and clean electric guitar. They mix it with jive/doo-wop material reminiscent of the Keytones (Cover Girl), a bit of country music (My Only One) and some jazzy-rockabilly (Stranger In Town). Sadly the vocals are not always in tune and it shows its limits especially on songs that need tight vocal arrangements.
Recorded nearly three years later, Rocks is a far better effort on many levels. The guitar sound is richer and Gunnar Fick, still more than able on double bass, feels more confident when he sings. The self penned songs are also more original. The Ringlets Trio added a good dose of blues (Shake Your Money Maker, the house is Rockin) and some songs benefit of the presence of Gotz Alsmann on piano.
All in all a far superior album.

The Ringlets Trio - Be Aware
The Ringlets Trio – Be Aware

The Ringlets Trio – Be Aware

Cuppamore Records ‎– CUPPAMORE 11 [1989]

Why Did You Leave Me Doll Face What Love Can Do   I Need Her So Pink Roses  Grey Cat Strut Give Me The Chance Today, Tomorrow, Forever   What About You  Standin’ At The Outside 2 Hearts, 2 Kisses To Loose A Love

A far better album than the first one, the band (Hartmut Oderbein, drums – Jens Pinkernell, guitar and Gunna Fick, lead Vocals, double Bass) is tight (though there remains some flaws in the vocals) and deliver some solid neo-rockabilly somewhere between Restless and the Keytones. And there’s still that crazy double bass that is the band’s strongest point.
All in all despite some minor flaws an good album, that reflects what the scene sounded like back in the mid/late eighties.


R-2471221-1314337968The Ringlets Trio – Big Apple Jive

Ringlets Records [1987]
Big Apple Jive ~ My Only One ~ London ~ Blood On Her Fingers ~ Train ~ Cover Girl ~ I Can’t Go On ~ Don’t Waste Your Time ~ Crazy Legs ~ Stranger In Town.

Debut album recorded in September in 1987 and self released by the band. Later reissued as a bonus on their third album (see the review for more details).

Fred “Virgil” Turgis


See also Blue Velvet anf the Honky Tonk Pounders, featuring Gunnar Fick on guitar.