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Dave Stuckey

Dave Stuckey (aka Dave “Pappy” Stuckey)

This is an old one. Maybe the first one I did when I thought about doing a fanzine again, back in 2000 or something like this. “Get A Load of This” was on heavy rotation on my player and I was thinking “How nice it would be to ask a few question to this gentleman”.… Keep Reading

Roy Kay Trio

The Roy Kay Trio

I love to be surprised in music. Of course I’m always happy to buy a record I’m sure I won’t be disapointed with (you can’t go wrong with Deke Dickerson, Marti Brom, Big Sandy to name but a few). But sometimes I just buy records for the name of the band, the cover they play… Keep Reading

Shaun Young

Shaun Young (High Noon, Thunderchiefs…)

This interview with Shaun Young was made in two sessions. The first part took place sometime at the end of 2001. This was before the release of “What Are You Waiting For” and the conversation turned around Shaun’s past band and influences. The second took place in 2006 after the release of “Wiggle Walk”, Shaun’s… Keep Reading

Dawn Shipley - photo © Tonya Rodriguez

Dawn Shipley

Dawn Shipley A french poet has once said that «the future belongs to women». I guess he was talking about the future of rockabilly?! Without Marti, Josie, Rosie, Cari, Dulcie that music will indisputably be like a body without some fresh and warm blood. Dawn Shipley is one of these rockin’ladies, a pretty texan gal… Keep Reading

Truly Lover Trio

Truly Lover Trio

Truly Lover Trio One of the very good musical surprise for me this last months was the discovery of Truly Lover Trio. I was hooked since the first time I heard “Lonely Blue Dreams” on the Perfect For Parties compilation album. I then heard “Blueberry Eyes” and it was even better. I finally got a… Keep Reading

The Droptops

The Droptops

The Droptops The Droptops are an excellent trio from Maryland. They play traditionnal (authentic as some like to call it) rockabilly influenced by Sun Records. So far the Droptops have released one excellent album (reviewed here) on Wild Hare Records, which should be a reference good enough to convince you to get it.While your order… Keep Reading

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