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Stringbeans (the)

Stringbeans (the) – You Better Do It Raunchy FREP-002 [1985]You Better Do It – I Just Keep Loving Her – Stomp and Climb the Walls – Born to Love One Woman The Stringbeans was a Finish trio. They play a brand of fast neo-Rockabilly that showed the influences of Restless, Blue Cats, and Dave Phillips.… Keep Reading


Ballroomers (the)

Ballroomers (the) – Sway Goofin records – Goofy 504 [1985]Sway – Don’t Push Me Away – Louisiana Boogie – 99 Sweathearts The Ballroomers appeared on the Finish scene in the mid-’80s and came from Martinlaakso, Vantaa. The members of the band were three schoolmates: Jussi Huhtakangas aka Lester Peabody (Hal Peters, Barnshakers) on lead vocals… Keep Reading


Scamps (the)

The Scamps – Don’t Be Worried Studio SDH – SDH311 [1984] Don’t Be Worried / Live Fast Die Young Debut single by the Scamps before the morphed into a Keytones / Restless influenced band. On this single the line-up of this French band was Bruno Peisey (vocals), Joël Lagnier (guitar), Frederic Mascrier (slap bass) and… Keep Reading

Keytones good to be alive

Keytones (the)

The Keytones – Shake your hips Roof Records – RR LP 103301 [1988] Shake Your Hips – Coastin’ Along – Lonely Road -Why Do Fools Fall In Love – The Munsters – That’s When Your Heartaches Begin – Swimming In Pink Champagne – Now’s The Time – Soft Pillow – Volare – Good To Be… Keep Reading


Rattlers (the)

The Rattlers – I Don’t Want You Lost Moment LOM003 [1984] I Don’t Want You – Hey Baby Debut single for the Rattlers (Mark Carrington on vocals, Steve Davey on lead guitar, Nick Peck on slap bass and Graham Woodside on drums.) Both songs are originals. A side is a good Rockabilly number with powerful… Keep Reading

Mean Cat Daddies

Mean Cat Daddies (the)

The Mean Cat Daddies – Ghost of your Love Nervous Records NERDCD 079 [1994] Sally-Ann – Sign Of The Times – (She’s) Just A Memory – Why Do I Cry? – Drivin’ All Night – I Can Tell – Decision Time – Tell Me – Am I The One? – Ghost Of Your Love –… Keep Reading

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